Game 117: Clevelanders @ Twins

This sucks, folks.

No way around it. Yes, Cleveland has done insanely well over the past 50+ games, but a double digits lead evaporated quick enough to make my head spin. It sucks.

But! We've still got the easiest schedule in baseball going forward, and I still feel that we've got this.

One of the most important pieces moving forward toward the division title takes the hill today. Odorizzi played like a deserving all star in the first half, and has played like someone who wants to go into free agency looking for a pillow contract so far in the last month or so. That needs to turn around. We need Buxton and Cruz, but it all begins with getting better starts from our rotation.

Get it done, Odo.

54 thoughts on “Game 117: Clevelanders @ Twins”

      1. First call: ball not caught on the fly (wrong)
        Second call: Kepler not out at first when Santana caught the throw from Kipnis (wrong); also, if ball was caught off the bat, then Adrianza also out at this point because, again, Santana is on the base
        Third call: Adrianza out on tag (correct call, but already out because see a second call above)
        Fourth call: Kepler out when Santana stepped on first base again (correct call, but already out because see first call above)

  1. By the way, I went to Canterbury tonight with Honest Abe. We saw seven races. He picked the winner four times; the three times he didn't pick the winner it finished second. It took me until the 6th race to actually start placing bets on his picks. Not too shabby given that all of his picks were based solely upon the horses' names.

  2. Odorizzi flirting with disaster all game I see. He has won his last 3 starts while giving up 2 total earned runs in 17+ innings of work. I would like to see a few clean innings out of him at some point.

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