19 thoughts on “August 11, 2019: Just Deserts”

  1. When I visited Spooky in Yakima I had never been to a desert before and I was not used to the dry air. Had a massive headache for 2-3 days before I adjusted

      1. If you are thinking of hitting any wineries, check out Dusted Valley. The owner/winemaker Chad Johnson is a super great guy and makes some fabulous wines. I believe he is originally from Wisconsin. Probably the best winery experience I have had and that is out of well over 100 winery visits. If you think you are going to check it out, shoot me a text ahead of time. I may be able to set you up if he is around when you visit.

        1. Ooops, just realized your response nested in the Yakima area, not Walla Walla. Well, if you pass through the Walla Walla area, offer still stands.

  2. Yankees keep pace again, only 18 homers back of the Twins and have another series against the Orioles coming up.

  3. Where in Washington? 6-7 years ago we took a wine trip out that way. Stayed in Walla Walla area which was very deserty. The drive along the Columbia River from Walla Walla to Portland Oregon was pretty cool. At one point, we were driving along the river and the only green was some vineyards on the bluffs. As we rounded a bend in the river we saw snow covered Mt. Hood (I think). I looked at the dash and the outside temp was 102 degrees. Pretty surreal.

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