26 thoughts on “August 12, 2019: NW Life”

        1. I mean, I totally agree. 3 hours to get to the point? yawn indeed. However, Leo really delivers as an actor in crisis (I don't know if he's playing himself here or not, but he was pretty convincing).

  1. just home from 11 days on the road. It was good to sleep in my own bed for a change.

    GrandpaS and GrandmaS are prepping to begin moving into their 4plex unit in the old folks' home (it has full-spectrum up to/including a memory unit) in a couple weeks. We got some stuff loaded into a trailer because of course he wants to drive shit down himself from Up North to Bloomington.

    But it was a good visit. Got a boat ride, got a bunch of stuff done for them, played some cribbage, ate and drank more than enough.

    Also, the Girl is safely in place in Little Nikita school her teaching position in Ruskieland. Proof of life established via FB video chat. Technology is effing amazing.

  2. Good news on the Nelson Cruz front.

      1. Unfortunately a bad schedule for the Twins. 15 games in April including a 10 game home stand that includes the only Seattle and Boston visits. Also only 10 home games in July and only two weekend games that whole month.

  3. I've been breathing in the lovely LA smog! (Or, more accurately, the overly air conditioned hotel air.)

    I was here for work, but the whole family came along, and the boys had a blast going to see the Dodgers play the Diamondbacks yesterday--particularly the moment with back-to-back home runs!

    I'll be heading back to the good ol' Central time zone shortly, and I'm not looking forward to the moment the alarm goes off far too early tomorrow morning...

      1. The last time I was in Chaves Ravine there had been two beatings in the parking lot the previous week. I didn't really understand until I tried to drive home....

  4. Made it to Minneapolis this past weekend and had a grand time. No Twins game (my friend does not like sportsballs one bit which is fine), but hit up Pizza Luce (good!) and Blue Door Pub (great!) was going to go to Matts for a J.L. but was not willing to stand in a long line while it was raining. Im going to hav to visit soon and come up with a bigger list of places to go.

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