Game 122: Twins at Rangers

What is there to say at this point of the season? It's a beautiful August evening, the Twins are in a pennant race, we've got a few weeks left of summer (today's discussion notwithstanding), and the weekend is here. Crack open a cold one, crank up the 'CCO, find some outdoor project to tinker on, or neighbor to chat with, and listen to the Twins bring another W home.

This is the good life.

This is why we're here.

35 thoughts on “Game 122: Twins at Rangers”

  1. For the greatest HR hitting team in the history of baseball this team is very aggressive on the base path.

  2. I hate burning a reliever on just one batter. Now if Dyson, Romo, or Rogers falter, we have to turn to May or Harper.

  3. If Rogers doesn't finish the game, this will be the first time he earns a hold since May 28. That's also roughly when he took over as the closer.

      1. Polanco's defense sure seems to run in streaks with his offense. Earlier in the season the coaches thought they had straightened out his throwing issues, but unfortunately that was short lived. When he has time to get his footwork just right, he is money. When he has to throw from an odd position you never know where the ball is going. I think that is what separates him from the stronger defensive shortstops out there.

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