August 17, 2019: Algonquin For “The Good Land”

I’m a visitor here, just like the French missionaries and explorers that were coming here as early as the late 1600s to trade with the Native Americans.

27 thoughts on “August 17, 2019: Algonquin For “The Good Land””

  1. So the double play Choo grounded into last night was just the 5th of his career - out of 6,869 plate appearances. To me that's an amazing stat. I've seen guys GIDP that many times in a couple of weeks. Albert Pujols has done it 390 times. Joe Mauer did it 208 times in his career.

      1. Ah, that makes much more sense. I must have misheard Dick on the broadcast or else he didn't state it very clearly. Should have double checked, though. Thanks.

            1. I resemble that comment. Dealt with upper back pain all week. Finally felt good yesterday morning, then blew the lower back over lunch yesterday. Big doses of meds and ice last night and this morning and still an 8 on the pain scale. Of course it is a day where I have a huge catering gig. Sitting at my desk sneaking in a sammich and a round of ice before I go wreck it some more. And... tomorrow I move the youngest up to UMDuluth. 7 hours in the car. Ouch!

              1. I've been crunching on the family room remodel, and I am not used to manual labor. The worst was sheetrocking the space under the stairs that I'm turning into a Harry Potter style dog cupboard. It was like working a 3D puzzle from the inside out.

  2. Yankees beat the Indians 6-5. The Twins have a chance to pick up a game tonight, and will do no worse than to maintain the status quo.

  3. Marwin and Eddie were still going steady
    In the summer of 2019
    When they decided their barrage continue
    Well past July
    Everyone said they were through though
    "Marwin you know that you're much too banjo
    And Eddie could never rake with that outside strike."
    Oh, but there we were waving Marwin's and Eddie's goodbye

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