Game 123: twins @ rangers

Okay, that's more like it.

This is pretty clearly going to be a dogfight to the end of the season, but last weekend, things were looking pretty dire.

They still need to tighten up just about every part of their game (the defense,in particular, has looked really sloppy these last few weeks), but now that the Twins are taking on lesser teams, and now that the Clevelanders are taking on actual contenders, this thing looks doable.

Berrios takes on Jurado tonight. This SHOULD be a winnable game. Let's make it happen.

I'm taking MarWIN.

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          1. Hamilton had 771 career hits with the Rangers. Granted, he hit a healthy 305/363/549 (137 OPS+), but in only 2,814 PA. He ranks 13th in franchise history for WAR for position players at 23.0, just behind ARod and just ahead of the immortal Rusty Greer. If he had been a Twin, that rWAR figure would place him between Jason Morneau and Corey Koskos, who rank 12th and 13th in Twins' history (excluding guys who earned all or most of their WAR with the Senators).

        1. Maybe he and Diaz need to do a job trade for a bit.

          Baldelli has been amazing and I like his millenium style. But it's been a bad couple of weeks for him and his staff.

      1. No way - Kepler 100% thought sliding was going to be faster - there was no running lane being blocked and no setting up for a tag. It was a bang bang play and Kepler made it closer by taking longer to get there by diving - simple physics that have been understood for years.

        1. Not playing devils advocate, but once I read a thing about how calls at first were largely made by sound and not sight. So, a head first dive may help to confuse the umps sensory input and make for a not safe 'safe' call. Good story nonetheless.

            1. Seems to me the runner would almost always have the advantage in that situation. Fielder has to be thinking about catching the ball and usually isn't able to move at full speed. Runner is at full speed and full control and can put his arms/hands in an offensive/defensive position where the fielder may not be able to do that if he has to make a catch and/or tag.

  1. As an aside, the gameday window reminds me of how jacked up the ballpark in Arlington is. As a former resident of the state of Texas I feel qualified to point out how Texas wants to out Texas itself, and that ballpark is a supreme example.

      1. Polanco had to stop to make sure the ball would clear - a perfect throw and he is out at the plate - but its clear that Diaz sends in that situation and this time it paid off. Given the prolific offense the Twins have Im not convinced that sending if a perfect throw = out is the mathematically correct strategy. No way the team on pace to hit the most home runs in baseball history should be leading the league in outs at the plate.

  2. Okay, because MLB finally decided that Houston and Dallas are close enough that New Orleans should be blacked out (not even close to being close....) but what the hell just happened?

    1. IIRC blackout rules are done at the team/city level and not at MLB level. They are archaic pre-internet rules that need to be updated regardless. Unfortunately until congress is made up of at least more than single digit % of non 60 year old plus rich white men it's not likely to change.

      1. last season I could watch Twins Rangers games at home but not Twins Astros. I still can watch Atlanta games at home this season (though, makes sense with the absolute hatred of all things atl in New Orleans....).

        1. You need a VPN service to pair with your account.

          When I was in Las Vegas - I was blacked out for Angels, Dodgers, Padres, Athletics, Diamondbacks, and the Giants.

          Also had to watch the non Utah Jazz TV feed when they played the Suns or any of the California teams - Kings, Warriors, Lakers or Clippers.

  3. Its felt like something has been brewing. Tomorrow could get interesting.

    Wonder if MLB needs an NBA like rule about players coming onto the field - no reason whatsoever for the bullpens to come out over that.

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