2019 Game 124: Minnesota at Texas

Starting Lineups

Win Probability: 48.1%

As much as my blood pressure would appreciate having a ten game lead on Cleveland, I do love a pennant race that goes down to the wire. Why? I don't know. Maybe we just crave the drama. I know when kids fantasize about playing in the major leagues, it's always World Series game seven, bottom of the ninth inning down by three with the bases loaded and two outs. You just never hear a kid saying, "It's the top of the fourth inning and bases are empty in a meaningless spring training game as I step up to the plate..."

The Twins enter play today with the opportunity to sweep this four-game series with Tejas and at the least maintain their 2.5 game division lead. Martin Perez takes the hill for the good guys, Lance Lynn goes for the home team. Play ball!

104 thoughts on “2019 Game 124: Minnesota at Texas”

  1. In the past two weeks, have we had the discussion about how Jeremy Renner apparently is really disappointed that he wasn't invited to join Imagine Dragons?

    1. This was not on my radar at all. Renner is in this new car (jeep?) commercial going to a concert that makes more sense to me now.

      Living in Utah - Imagine Dragons are remarkably overplayed and overhyped to the point of saturation.

      Just listened to his Heaven Has No Name single - I don't think it's as bad as the headlines and comments I see when googling the issue but it is clearly heavily Imagine Dragon influenced.

      If I made millions from acting - I'd probably take the time and effort to try some other things I had a passion for.

      1. That commercial is ubiquitous during Twins games and it sounds like an even more focus-group version of Imagine Dragons.

        1. Im not even sure when/where I see that commercial - I watch so little live TV and outside of the pre all-star god awful Outback Steak repeating gif's MLB.tv doesn't do any commercials.

          There is so much value mlb.tv could do between innings - such a missed opportunity.

    2. The thing is, that commercial just inspires confusion. No one is sitting there going, "whooooaaaa, Jeremy Renner has a new single out?! Sweeeeet". They're all, like, "wait, why is Hawkeye singing?"

    1. They're gonna get a strong dose of the Rangers bullpen, so I think it is likely that they will get them.

  2. My goodness, how hard is it to say "there's nothing like some bowling with the guys after a long day of work"? It should not be that hard to say that phrase without sounding like a robot lizard body snatcher.

    1. Well, to be a good bowler you kind of have to be a robot lizard body snatcher, so it sort of fits.

    1. Las Vegas, should it ever get a MLB team. (I hope not.) Same for Monterrey, which I’d love to see get a team, but the hurdles for hosting look like pole vault bars. I’m sure Isotopes day games in Albuquerque are rough.

      1. At 2001 feet of elevation it shouldn't be too bad. Massive air conditioning like Chase Field will make it possibly pleasant. Install a large solar array and it could be carbon negative.

        1. That does make it the second highest park, but there's another three kilofeet until Coors. The dry air will help a small amount.

        2. I took Doc’s comment to mean parks without A/C. Presumably any new ballpark built in Las Vegas or greater Phoenix will be an air-conditioned retractable roof/dome (likely with artificial turf, given the problems in the BOB).

  3. I am really glad Cory Provus got the Twins job in 2012 and not Attaboy. He does a good enough job on the pre- and post-game shows, but he'd drive me crazy if he was on play-by-play every day.

      1. It's kind of amazing how the ump is able to flip a coin on those outside pitches without anyone noticing.

    1. Come to think of it, that wouldn't necessarily be the strangest rule change that's been proposed recently.

  4. I hope the twins can score a few in the fifth to mitigate the runs Perez gives up when he's left in one batter too long.

  5. Wow I am quite unimpressed with Baldelli's handling of replay. This is really bad. Out by a mile - and the catcher didn't get down until well after having the ball.

    1. My only guess was possibly asking for the runner to be safe because the catcher didn't allow a sliding lane. There was no lane, but I think if the catcher gets the ball before the runner is there, it doesn't matter.

  6. You know the strike zone was a big question mark when all the highlight video hits were protection swings at pitches out of the zone. Or swinging strikeout on the last pitch of the game.

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