Game 128: Tigers at Twins

This one has win all over it, right? Berrios with a good opportunity to show he's still an ace, and the offense with a good weekend series against the worst team in baseball to show they're gonna obliterate the HR record.

I'm predicting Kepler and Gonzalez for homers.

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      1. These monochrome India look so desperately bad. The justification was that players would add their own flair & color, letting their personality supersede the team’s identity. Well, it looks like nobody has done that here.

        1. Cruz got closest with pine tar on his helmet, but if you are following this via gameday or radio, you're the lucky one.

        1. I think someone saw the batting helmets and was like, yeah, no, we can't do that every damn pitch.

    1. Do you think Gardy knows he’s most likely going to be Detroit’s suck sponge, and that they’ll probably cut him loose when the team begins to turn back toward contention?

      1. I bet he probably does. But I bet he also realizes the game has passed him by and he might as well get some nice paychecks for the time being.

          1. Yeah, definitely. He's a good dude. But when you've been around long enough I'd imagine you treat it kind of like a consulting gig.

  1. Be nice if they had an actual first baseman on the roster, even just to play defense in a late inning appearance, who could maybe hit one out ... oh wait.

  2. Looks like I picked a good night to go to the Fair (for the first time this year). Aren't the Fightin' Gardys supposed to be awful?

    1. Cannot wait until Buxton gets back. Kepler can go right. And this will also magically make Sano and Polanco better fielders

  3. Tigers scored more runs in the 6th inning tonight than they had in of their previous 9 games. They have 3 wins on this road trip. The losing pitchers in those games are Charlie Morton, Justin Verlander and Jose Berrios, all All Stars.

  4. Twins are 2-8 in their last 10 home games. They have won only 1 home series since the All Star break, a 3-game sweep of the Royals to start the last home stand.

    1. Hey, I was at both wins (and none of the losses). Unfortunately, I'm not going today (but I am tomorrow)

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