August 25, 2019: Zombies vs. Circus

My board game Fundead: The Gravest Show on Earth releases on tomorrow, gang. Also, any caucuses happening soon? Also, who else plays board games? I have around 80 of them now and I’m always itching for different people to play.

15 thoughts on “August 25, 2019: Zombies vs. Circus”

  1. So I had visitors from Minny the last couple of days - Little HNOs and his son came out on Thursday.

    We kayaked the Farmington/CT rivers (6 mi) on Friday, and an awesome car-tour of H'istan afterwards. On Sat, we did the NYC blitz (train from New Haven, Times Square, Central Park, Mid-town, Battery Park, Wall Street). Today they helped me flip burgers/dogs for the Miracle League of CT End of Summer picnic. Hat's off to the MN tourists.

  2. Somebody want to photoshop the Backstreet Boys/ bullpen photo into a banner? At least they found one good use for these uniforms.

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