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Game 131 — Twins at White Sox

Twins back battling the White Sox in the first game of a three game series. This was supposed to be the middle of the "easy" part of the schedule but the White Sox have been playing well lately and are now on track to lose less than 90 games this season. Lucas Giolito on the mound for the Sox and he has been anything but easy. 1.09 WHIP, 11.5 so/9 innings, batters with an OPS of .636 against Giolito this year. Plus he was just dominate against the Twins last week; they had no chance in Giolito's 3-hit, 9 shutout inning performance. Hopefully with some familiarity the Twins can get something going tonight. Pineda up for the Twins and you just never know with this guy. Fortunately the bullpen appears to be well rested.

Should be a gorgeous night for baseball tonight on the Southside. First pitch at 7:10p Cleveland plays Detroit this week so a good effort is needed to keep the hammer down on those dreaded Spiders.

54 thoughts on “Game 131 — Twins at White Sox”

  1. Arby's gets H. Jon Benjamin and yet, for some reason, still let frickin Bo Dietl even a half second of lines. Smdh.

      1. My best friend at the time had a Genesis, and I had an SNES, so we had both options available to us. I wanted to want a Genesis, but god, the flicker was intolerable. Ghouls n' Ghosts was essentially unplayable.

        1. I mean, ghouls and ghosts was pretty much unplayable anyway. I recently bought a 3ds largely so I could play JRPG's and SNES games I missed.

  2. My usual experience with fibs is on the interstate, so that selfless giving off the broken bat to a Twins fan is surprising.

      1. Everything was filthy that inning. That's the Romo I remember from his heyday with Los Gigantes.

    1. I love that he also qualifies as a starter so I can sneak in an extra RP in my other fantasy league. Dern UncleWalt scooped him up in the WGOM league sadly...

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