2019 Game 132: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox

Jake Odorizzi
Ross Detwiler

Another Wednesday Odorizzi start. This time he gets to face Ross Detwiler instead of Giolito. Detwiler has 5.4 rWAR less than Giolito but he did beat the Twins in his only start against them. His season went rapidly downhill from there, including two more appearances against the Twins in July. He's been home run prone, not in the 2019 sense, but actually. He gave up one home run in each appearance so here's to at least 256 home runs after tonight.

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  1. Gonzalez is out tonight. Kepler is out tonight. The outfield is going to be Rosario-Cave-Adrianza. Odoreater better get them to hit the ball on the ground.

  2. Sounds like the outfield has already cost us, although maybe it couldn't have been caught anyway.

    1. For those not watching on TV, Sano tried to call time, half stepped out of the box, stepped back in and hit the ball to the shortstop who I think may also have thought time was granted.

    1. Are we complaining about THIS performance? Seems like we got a pretty good outing from Odo.

      1. I posted that when he had the bases juiced in the fourth. Odor-eater got out of it, somehow, but it seems like no starter’s pitching save Pineda’s has been particularly desirable.

            1. I’ve missed a lot of games this month due to a family emergency, so my impressions may be skewed by his two most recent outings: 7 R & 13 H over 10.2 innings (but also 11 K).

            2. His pitching style and the big jump in his split between the second and third times through the order mean they will never use him really deep into games. That's just the way it is. But other than the Yankee game he's been competitive or better since the All-Star break; not the nearly untouchable he was in May, but effective.

  3. I didn’t like that double, but that strikeout pitch the batter previous was unhittable.

    1. I know the Yankees have played a lot of Orioles and Mariners this month, but they've been on an almost 500 homer season pace this month

      1. 66 home runs through yesterday in 27 games. They never eclipsed 50 home runs in a month and now topped 60. The Twins have consistently been above 50 however and are at 49 now.

        1. The good news is they've played all their games against Baltimore and Seattle. Still three more against Detroit.

        2. Yankees schedule rest of the way and the opponent's rank in HR allowed (lower number being better)

          Athletics: (4th)
          Rangers: (18th)
          Red Sox: (14th)
          Tigers: (24th)
          Blue Jays: (16th)
          Rays: (1st)
          Rangers: (14th)

          And now for the Twins remaining opponents:

          White Sox: (20th)
          Tigers: (24th)
          Red Sox: (14th)
          Spiders: (7th)
          Nationals: (5th)
          Spiders: (7th)
          White Sox: (20th)
          Royals: (15th)
          Tigers: (24th)
          Royals: (15th)

  4. What is etymology of the Sauce? The radio guys made a "Sauce" comment after Garver crushed that one.

    1. The fan who referenced that in response to the awful strike three call was engaged in some excellent heckling

    1. Weird month though, three four-game win streaks and 3-10 all the other games.

      Loss to Marlins on the first, then

      4-0 (KC & ATL)
      2-6 (ATL & CLE & MIL)
      4-0 (TEX)
      1-3 (CWS & DET)
      4-0 (DET & CWS)

  5. Yankees now within 8 homers of the Twins.

    Good news is Twins can only gain ground tomorrow with the Yanks being off, and they're facing Dylan Cease, who has the starter's second worst home run rate (2.0/9) after Detwiler

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