41 thoughts on “2019 Game 133: Minnesota at Chicago White Sox”

  1. I like this version of Berríos so far. Assuming the score remains 8-0, I'd be fine pulling him after five or six even if not close to 100 pitches. Save some pitches for the postseason and let a mop-up guy get the save.

  2. Saw on Twitter (Brandon Warne) that the Twins are 32-6 on the road when they hit 2+ HR in a game.

    Which is kind of one of those overly detailed stats, but also a .842 win% is something.

    (They are 54-20 overall in games with 2+ HR)

  3. More home run over analysis:

    Yankees out homered the Twins by 1 during this past series despite facing a much worse pitching staff.

    Twins have 29 games left and 16 on the road where they hit a lot more homers than they do at home.

    Yankees have 27 games left and 15 on the road. Surprisingly, they also hit more homers on the road though the split isn't as large.

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