51 thoughts on “2019 Game 134: Twins in Detroit”

  1. FSN taunting the fans by showing how well Escobar is doing in Arizona. 30 HR and 10 triples this season.

  2. This hard seltzer fad can go straight to hell. I just got back from the store and the whole frickin beer cellar is all hard Damm seltzer.

    1. Yes, agreed. You know what Darry? It's a travesty, that's what it is. That there is taking up space that belongs to a real Canadian beer like Puppers. I f'ing hate hard seltzer!

  3. I may see some of this game. The Milkmaid and I are watching Mad Max: Fury Road and lord knows we can’t watch a two-hour movie in under three and a half hours. Seems like it’s well in hand.

    Also dropping by to say that I have really taken to Laphroaig, in case I didn’t say so before. I went from questioning to interested to obsessed.

    1. I adore Laphroaig. One of my teammates brought a bottle of the triple wood last season, and holy crap on crap was that good. (t'ain't cheap though.)

  4. Dick has Bert in full GOML mode about lowering minimums for starters and robot umps.

    Frankly, if Gibson can’t reliably get more than 16 outs, I’m not sure why they’d want to retain his services.

    1. Ugh, so I should keep the sound down? Bert was GOMLAF last night about Berrios bs it made me almost wish they'd lost.

  5. Time to test my theory that this car mechanic game will be a good one to sit around and play while drinking Kirkland scotch

        1. Cool piece. thanks as it happens, I have been lounging at my local Costco while our house is being shown. Time to go home to feed the cats!

      1. I have not tried the bourbon, but it's awful tough to beat a drinkable scotch for $19 for a handle.

  6. For some reason, MLB at bat app version of Gameday on my phone no longer shows pitch locations.

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