FMD – Woodstock at 50

So the past week or so I've been listening to music from the Woodstock festival from 50 years ago. The performances that we all are familiar with were great of course, but the others I found were not so compelling and downright tedious at times (lots of drum solos). Some of the Santana stuff put me to sleep. Also I noticed that most of the performances would fall under the rhythm and blues category of rock. I'd argue that if the same event was held today it would be classified as blue festival. Interesting how music has changed over the past 5 decades.

Anyway that's all I got. Drop 'em if you got 'em.

4 thoughts on “FMD – Woodstock at 50”

  1. 01. "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" – Bob DylanHighway 61 Revisited
    02. "We All, Three, Will Ride" – Palace MusicViva Last Blues
    03. "Make It Known" – FoxygenTake The Kids Off Broadway
    04. "Place I Belong" – Michael KiwanukaLove & Hate
    05. The Fantabulous Rap Extravaganza Part II" – DeltronDeltron 3030
    06. "What A Day" – Throbbing Gristle20 Jazz Funk Greats
    07. "No Recording" – Muncie GirlsFrom Caplan To Belsize
    08. "Mystery Of Love" – Sufjan StevensCall Me By Your Name
    09. "Dead Head Blues" – Lightspeed ChampionLife Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You!
    10. "From" – Big ThiefU.F.O.F.

  2. Peter Cetera's wind blown hair is dreamy. Also, he balls-to-the-wall rocks out with that bass guitar.

  3. Its been years since I watched the Woodstock film (on VHS, its been that long), I mainly remember falling asleep to some performances then having to rewind the tape back to the point I dozed off.

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