2019 Game 136: Twins at Tiggers

Starting Lineups

Win Probability: 58.5%

Welcome to September baseball. Here's to the Twins playing through October as well. Yesterday the Twins passed the team single season home run record. I missed it live since the wife and I were at the fair, but everywhere we went people were talking about the Twins and checking their phones to see if they broke the record. I got into several nice baseball conversations while standing in lines waiting for food, beverages, bathrooms, etc. Of course, if the Twins don't hold on and outpace the Yankees to maintain their lead in dingers then the record could belong to the Bronx Bombers, not the Minnesota Bomba Squad, by the end of the year. And that would be a crying shame. I don't have to tell anyone that the days are getting shorter and we're flat out of summer, or that games are becoming a dwindling resource.

Big Mike on the mound for the Twins today. He's been our best starter over the past several weeks and after yesterday's hurling debacle the team needs him to step up and deliver once again. The Fighting Tigers counter with Spencer Turnbull (3-13, 4.18 ERA, 112 K). Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend, and thank a union member for your day off tomorrow. Play ball!

36 thoughts on “2019 Game 136: Twins at Tiggers”

  1. Dazzle says we seen "a little bit of an uptick" in wild pitches by Twins pitchers.

    Really, Dazzle? I hadn't noticed.

  2. Maybe an idea for a sidepanel widget: The Twins are at 810 runs scored this season, 6th highest in Twins history and 14th in franchise history. The highwater mark for the Twins is 1996 (of all years) with 877 and the franchise record is 892 by the 1930 Sens

  3. Cleveland loses again. Rays pass them in the Wild Card with Cleveland tied for second for now. Oakland leads New York in the ninth so they'll soon break the tie.

  4. Detroit booth is spending time focusing on a set of little brothers annoying each other. I'm happy to have a competitive team.

  5. The 8 runs were a season high for the Twins in a game in which they didn't hit a home run. They improved to 10-14 in games in which they didn't hit a home run, which is better than I would have expected.

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