Game 141: Division Chasers at Division Leaders

Last night's game felt special. Cleveland lost early in the day. There was a chance to extend the lead. Things weren't working amazingly for the offense, but they did enough, and the pitching really stepped up. It had the feel of a team that knew what they had to do, and just executing. And then that final play... Winning a game on a memorable play like that... it seems like the kind of thing you see from the teams that are putting the pressure on others, not dealing with it themselves.

And tonight, the Twins get to apply that pressure directly. With a 6.5 game lead and just 22 to play, Cleveland is running out of room fast. Every win the Twins rack up this weekend further dents the Indians' chances to make to playoffs. It's a stark difference from the last time Cleveland left town, having tied up the division. Two very different directions for the clubs, and now it feels like the Twins can play loose and easy, and let their game be what it is.

I'm looking forward to a great weekend series, and hopefully, maybe even a Francisco Lindor concession speech.

79 thoughts on “Game 141: Division Chasers at Division Leaders”

  1. Broadcast talking about the Twins never stealing bases and nobody complaining about the game being bad.

  2. So New York calls Arraez out in about 12 seconds when it looks like the first baseman's foot may have come off the bag, but not sure. But some plays that are super obvious take New York three minutes.

  3. A bit late on the comment, but I don’t know if I love or hate ‘Free-Swinging’ Eddie. Such a frustrating player to watch when the hacks he takes don’t produce.

      1. I'm assuming you sacrificed a twins game in some sort of voodoo ritual in exchange for a good car buying experience.

  4. If Twins played their infield defense straight up against Perez, they very likely would at least have gone to the 12th inning. I get it that the numbers say Perez almost always pulls the ball on the ground, but maybe, just maybe, there's times that a batter would change their approach, like 2 outs in extra innings with the go-ahead run at third base and 2 outs and maybe, just maybe, Perez is going to have a real hard time pulling the ball from a RH pitcher that's throwing the ball 100 mph on the outside part of the plate.

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