33 thoughts on “September 6, 2019: Pulling Away”

    1. Yeah, I continue to run games nonstop, though many more than just Survivor are in the mix these days. I haven’t done a writing season in a while, though. I have a different non-elimination game for writing. It’s time for another one, but the last couple of times people offered to get a season started, it went nowhere.

      1. Only mentioned it cuz I hadn't seen much activity on the spookymilk site. Do you run stuff exclusively on FB now? Or elsewhere?

    1. thanks again, sean, for the video tips. just in case, i added the instructions to the renamed "embedding videos" page in the FAQs if you're ever looking for it.

    2. I love the giant SMILE on the kid's face as he sees the ball get by LF and he starts thinking triple. Simple joys.

  1. Am I the only one to have the thought that Brusdar Graterol sounds like an obscure medical condition and the designer pharmaceutical that treats it?
    "Ask your doctor if your symptoms are a sign you may be suffering from Brusdar, and if Graterol can help..."

          1. We'll have to see how it goes with him...take a vote on whether he gets a banner for high-octane performance or hemorrhoid treatment.

  2. Last night was the fifth time the Twins won when scoring 2 or fewer runs. In each game, the winning pitcher was a starter. Odo has won 2 of those. Perez, Berrios and Gibson were the other winners. They are 5-17 when scoring fewer than 3 runs, but only 4 of those losses were by 1 or 2 runs. So Twins rarely losing pitching duels.

  3. Car purchase complete. Second dealer was a delight to deal with. Gave me more for my shitbox than it was worth. No haggle. No up sell. No pressure. Better financing. Drove home in less than 2 hours. Man, what a difference a day can make.

    1. I’d be tempted to email the salesperson & sales manager, with a CC to the dealership owner — “just following up to let you know” I closed the deal elsewhere because I was treated with respect and got a fair deal.

  4. So I'm going off the grid tomorrow at 7:00a until late afternoon Thursday. Isle Royale. So for the next 6 games starting tonight I am predicting Sano-Cruz bombas (through 9.12). I should be back ready to predict next Friday.

    I have a quick and easy game log already in place for Tuesday's game. If anyone wants to add to it, they can.

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