110 thoughts on “2019 Game 142: Bronchos at Twins”

  1. Le Menu Du sour: Buttermilk & sour cream Belgian waffles with ginger syrup & butter, plus a couple rashers of hickory-smoked thick-cut bacon. Mango smoothie with agave nectar, lime juice, coconut water, Ron Zacapa 23, & red chili flake.

    More jangle than John Fogerty's Rickenbacker.

  2. It's aggravating that everyone who follows baseball knows who the worst umpires are, and yet baseball refuses to ever do anything about it.

      1. Are you sure about that? I mean, I don't know, so it could be true, but I've never heard that they can't fire an umpire, period. I'm sure the union would raise a stink, and it might even end up in court, so I can see why MLB might not want the hassle. But does the union agreement really say that MLB can't fire an umpire, even for blatant, gross incompetence?

      1. But are people like Laz Diaz and Angel Hernandez really better than anyone else? I suspect there are AAA umpires who would be better, but we don't know because they're not given the chance.

        1. Probably. Those two aren't in the bottom 5 of umpires getting calls wrong (though Joe West is). Data shows the younger umpires tend to get significantly more calls right than older. And they all hover between 90 and 95 percent correct, which has improved since 10 years ago.

        1. I joak, but Ortiz was not as bad as I remember him. I had mentally lumped him in with Sal Butera, Tom Nieto, & Matt Walbeck, but Ortiz — and, somehow, Lenny Webster— weren’t actually that inept at the plate.

          Catcher PA in MN OPS in MN
          Salas 718 103
          Webster 317 90
          Ortiz 338 85
          Blanco 353 60
          Butters Sr. 553 59
          Walbeck 1008 47
          Butters Jr. 534 36
          Nieto 183 18
          Miller 12 -100
            1. I showed Mrs Hayes a picture of him in his second stint with the Reds. She guessed his name was “Bocephus Jennings,” and about popped some stitches when I said, “His name...is Corky Miller.”

    1. If you count DH and PH home runs, then he only now tied. As a catcher he passed the previous record holder when he reached 24.

  3. There's been a lot of great moments this season, but it will be tough to top Garver's homer. Tie game against the Indians in front of a packed house with all the emotion of Pineda's suspension and with the Francona in full matchup bullpen mode with MLB's best bullpen. That was fun.

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