2019 Game 143: Cleveland at Minnesota

Starting Lineups

Win Probability: 48.9%

When this baseball season started, I was in a world of pain. Recovery from coronary bypass surgery is not a pleasant experience. Having the Twins play the winning kind of baseball they did back in April was a huge comfort to me. Sure, I couldn't get out of bed without help and I could barely lift a gallon of milk to pour on my cereal, but the Twins were winning almost every day so dammit, all was right with the world. Today, six months on from the surgery, I feel pretty darn good. And when you feel pretty darn good and your favorite baseball team is locking horns with a strong division rival in a September pennant race, what else is there to do but jump on the train to Target Field for a Sunday matinee?

With the series on the line, the Twins appear to be using Randy Dobnak as an opening pitcher, followed by Devin Smeltzer. The Lakesiders are sending Mike Clevinger (insert crazy good stats here) to try to seal the series and steal a game in the standings from the Twins. Take me out to the ballgame...

34 thoughts on “2019 Game 143: Cleveland at Minnesota”

    1. This team is not in a good spot right now.

  1. Twins were supposedly making sure they had plenty of depth this year so they could rest people and avoid a lot of injuries and would be able to fill in without problem when they are hurt. So much for the theory of avoiding injury. Imagine how the current scenario would look like if they didn't have so much depth. Good news is Twins still up 5 1/2 games and all critical relievers will have at least 2 days off before playing the Nats.

    1. I guess I would assume the primary reason to have plenty of depth is to be able to compete when you do have injuries. The secondary reason would be so that you could rest people to keep them fresh and avoid injury. Either way, it sure is nice to have a squad full of competent hitters so that the team can still score runs when facing injuries. A refreshing alternative to past years when an injury felt like GOSO. Now if we can build up the pitching ranks in the next few years so we can say the same thing about pitching injuries.

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