2019 Game 145: Washington Nationals at Minnesota Twins

Stephen Strasburg
Martín Pérez

A good postseason test tonight for the Twins. Strasburg is really good. Pérez is a pitcher. Berríos delivered a very strong start yesterday and it's Pérez's turn to get five acceptable innings before handing it to the *checks notes* 12-man bullpen. Batters, this isn't Berríos, please don't forgot about the dongers.

16 thoughts on “2019 Game 145: Washington Nationals at Minnesota Twins”

  1. Twins have scored exactly 2 runs in 5 of their last 7 games. Who could have imagined that having half of your regular players hurt would make it difficult to score runs?

    1. Yankees are 17-2 vs Bal, 14-5 vs Bos, 6-0 vs Sea, 12-5 vs Tampa. 46-39 against everyone else.
      Cleveland is 15-1 vs Det, 6-0 vs LAAAA, 5-1 vs Sea. 60-59 against everyone else.
      Minnesota is 23-11 vs the AL West, 6-0 vs Bal, 38-22 against their division, 22-23 against everyone else.
      Hou is 16-1 vs Sea, 31-16 against the rest of their division, 48-34 against everyone else
      Oak is 25-5 against ChW, Cle, Det, KC and Bal, 61-55 against everyone else

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