Game 146: Nationals @ Twins

You’d like to see the fellas take 2/3 of these games against postseason-caliber teams. Let’s see what a ’healthy’ Kyle Gibson and a mediocre lineup (no Sano, Kepler, Gonzalez or Cave *edited to add Polanco (out for dental work)) can do when matched against a very good Patrick Corbin (Last 15 starts: 6-2, 2.29, 1.06 WHIP, 116k in 94.1 Innings Pitched).

33 thoughts on “Game 146: Nationals @ Twins”

    1. Hit at 104.3 mph. Launch angle of 23 degrees though, so little low to get a home run, especially to the deepest part of the park.

  1. It seems inconceivable, but the Twins don't yet lead the league in wild pitches. They're fourth in the league at 65 before the game. The Angels lead with 93.

  2. I'm so old, I remember back in the days of last month when we used to hit more homers than everyone, let alone the team we were playing. And runs! Lordy, could those boys score runs! *sigh*

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