Games! Twins vs. That Creeping Sense of Dread

This last has been rough, folks.

This series is huge, but it might not mean anything if the lineup can't get healthy. And after last night, the umpires saw fit to waste a start by one of the few starters who's been doing ANYTHING lately.

It's not ideal.

There's (maybe rightfully) a certain sense of dread hanging over this series. Cleveland's  got some deadly pitchers on the hill, and we've got....openers. you know what would cure that? A double header sweep!

Get it done, Smeltzer/Thorpe/Dobnak/etc!

114 thoughts on “Games! Twins vs. That Creeping Sense of Dread”

  1. Just who the Twins need, the pitcher with a 7.98 ERA versus Cleveland starting today. He probably was pitching today anyway though.

  2. Cory mentioned that about half the runs the Twins have given up in September have come with two outs. I wonder how that compares to average. It seems like you'd normally score more runs with two outs, just because you've had more chances to get runners on base.

    1. OPS trends down slightly with two outs, but not by much. 25% of runs score with zero outs, 38% with one out, and 37% with two outs.

  3. I have no problem with using Duffey for a second inning, but since he's not used to doing it, I'd have him on a pretty short leash.

    1. A little more nervous for game two with Rogers getting five outs. I wonder if Rogers won't pitch the ninth now since it will be the middle-bottom of the order.

      1. In fairness, I still think game one was bigger. Beating their "ace", who hadn't lost a home game OR a intra-division get all season was huge. To beat them by dominating their lineup with a bullpen game is just...I don't know if there will be a bigger win this regular season.

  4. 90 wins, now tied for 13th in team history with the '92 and '03 teams. They should be able to finish in top five in team history easily.

  5. Isn't baseball something? Nobody would've predicted the Twins to win this game. Not that it was impossible, but Cleveland was clearly the favorite. And if they did win, you'd have thought it was because Clevenger didn't have it, or got hurt, and the Twins were able to win 8-6 or something. A 2-0 shutout win is about the last thing anyone would've expected.

    1. Cleveland started the game with a 60.9% win expectancy. That' s pretty big for two closely matched teams, but today's SP and home field account for it.

  6. Going into this series, I really felt like the Twins needed to win at least one of the three. Not that they couldn't still have won the division if they'd gotten swept, but to have the lead down to a half game would not have been a good thing. Now, I really feel like Cleveland needs to win the last two to stay in it. So let's get that knockout punch!

    1. If Cleveland takes the next two then they'll be 2.5 back. If the Twins go 6-7 afterwards against the dregs, then Cleveland will have to go 8-4 just to tie (half their games are also against the dregs, but the other half are with teams in the NL Wild Card chase).

  7. Crushing loss for the Indians. Clevinger vs. Smeltzer is a must-win game. Now they have a bullpen game tonight and they really have to win the series. Twins need to get greedy and wake up the bats tonight. Bieber tomorrow, so best chance to win tonight.

    Clevinger had been 4-0 with a 0.57 ERA in 5 previous day game starts this year.

  8. I had bought General Admission tickets for Sheenie and me to see Janet Jackson tonight off StubHub. Thanks to the seller never delivering ther tickets, StubHub gave us a huge upgrade because it was ther cheapest set of two adjacent tickets available. Accidental winning!

    1. Must’ve missed whatever this refers to. If it’s something worth grinning at, fill in the blanks for me.

  9. I was really, really dreading this day of baseball. I honestly thought that it was going to end with our team up by a game and a half.

  10. What a day by Polanco. Homered to drive in only runs of Game 1 plus the diving catch to end the only real threat by the Indians in the third, then 3 hits, including the game tying double in the eighth inning of Game 2.

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