50 thoughts on “September 17, 2019: Not Removed Enough”

    1. Couldn't agree more. We foster for a local rescue and we always opt for the adult dogs over the puppies if possible. Puppies are way to intense for our lifestyle (and our dogs).

  1. So... uh... Philosofette has a ruptured appendix. So that's fun.

    For now, no surgery, since her body is apparently walling off the infection on its own. Just lots of heavy antibiotics and wait and see... it's kind of terrifying.

    1. Uffda. Wishing her good luck with a full & speedy recovery. It’s been a very tumultuous couple of months for Mrs. Hayes’ health, and while we had to react to an emergency in which there was only one solution, I understand the feeling of terror when taking the wait & see approach. Hang in there.

      1. It's really scary because almost always a ruptured appendix means immediate major surgery. Not following the regular treatment seems risky. Of course, major surgery for a rupture appendix is also risky. So... we'll wait and see. Which means if it doesn't go well, she'll get to have risky surgery when already not doing well...

        On a side note, apparently her pain tolerance is stupid high, because at no point before yesterday did it get so bad that she couldn't do anything. She dealt with some moderate pain for a week or so, it seemed to get better, and then after a few days, started getting worse again. She didn't take any time off or anything like that... the doctors basically eliminated the possibility of appendicitis prior to the scan because she was walking, talking, laughing, eating, etc.

        1. I was puzzled about the decision to not remove the appendix, but didn’t want to appear to second guess the treatment decision. (Also, it’s none of my business.) But yes, you’re right to point out the compounded risk of the surgery if things aren’t going well. And abscesses in the abdominal cavity are no picnic; that’s part of the fallout of what we’re dealing with here right now.

          Pain tolerance is great, but can be a double-edged sword if signs aren’t heeded. I hope this treatment is successful, but if she notices any change, get her to go in to see someone right away.

          1. My wife also has a high pain tolerance and also frequent pain for a lot of different reasons. So it's hard to tell what should be concerning pain or just business as usual. Meanwhile, if I get so much as a leg cramp she wants me to go the ER 🙂

          2. They very much assessed it as "surgery could complicate things, because your body seems to be doing an amazing job on its own, so let's help that work... here are a TON of antibiotics." It is still very scary (phrases you don't like to hear a doctor say include "you were very lucky" and "your body is doing a strange thing" and "for now"). But we're monitoring closely, and so far today she seems to be doing well.

            1. When it comes to any situation where surgery is an option, the risk of infection is always a lit fuse. If they're okay with no surgery, that mitigates those risks. That is a good thing, and hopefully modern pharma does its stuff.

              Risk of infection is why, for example, a hip replacement patient is sent home later the same day as the surgery...

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