Game 153: Royals at Twins

Magic number is still 7.
Montgomery on the hill for Kansas City.
Gibson toes the rubber for Minnesota.

Playing Kansas City, Cleveland, Chicago and Detroit in the final weeks of the season got me thinking. Every team in the American League Central has played in the World Series ... except Minnesota. Every team in the Central has made an appearance in the past 15 years (though the only teams to win it was were Kansas City in 2015 and Chicago in 2005) and in the entire league, only Seattle has seen a longer absence from the ALCS than Minnesota, by 1 year (Milwaukee, who made the NLCS last year, last reached the ALCS in 1982).

Not to put the cart before the horse - gotta win the game, then the division, then (lord willing) the league first - but I’d say Minnesota is due.


88 thoughts on “Game 153: Royals at Twins”

    1. *corrected. Thanks wattsy - I made a mental note to remember their 2014 loss and forgot to include their 2015 win.

      1. Te only reason I remember the win is because I remember the awful gold numbers on their jersey the following year

  1. Rex Hudler going on about how Gibson was smarter to walk Soler rather than surrender a slam. Like those were the only options.

  2. I’m inclined to be very sympathetic to Gibson’s health issue and the additional challenges it creates. That doesn’t mean I enjoy watching him pitch.

    1. Dazzle relating how Montgomery got tossed, where he and his Hnos got soap in their mouth. Har.

        1. Or Gibson, at this point.

          I gotta wonder if the e coli at spring training didn't contribute to his current GI problems. After all this, he can't be at full strength.

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