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  1. The Arizona Fall League started yesterday. I'm not going to do full posts, but I do hope to keep you updated on how Twins players are doing. Unfortunately, I'm going to be gone for the next few days, so I won't be able to do another update until Monday.

    Anyway, last night our team, the Salt River Rafters, lost to Peoria 10-6.
    Royce Lewis was 2-for-4 with a double, a run, and an RBI.
    Luke Raley was 0-for-5 with a run.
    Ben Rortvedt was used as a defensive replacement and did not bat.
    Moises Gomez struck out three in 1.2 innings, giving up an unearned run on one hit and two walks.

          1. I’m at close to 90, but my wife drives like a gangster: down low and laid back. Her new car has programmable drivers seat settings ... now the only conflict is getting the mirrors back into the right positions.

        1. Yeah, my wife has hers at about 90, and it's the biggest thing that absolutely needs to be changed before I can drive. Mirrors and whatnot can be adjusted on the go.

          1. Yup. She gets sooooo mad at me when I don't put it back to where it was. But how the hell can I when I don't understand the physics of sitting that way?

          1. I don't know, something like 10 degrees. I'm not in the backseat and my arms and legs are still bent, but I don't feel like I'm sitting leaning forward.

  2. The biggest difference between my wife and me driving-wise is that I'm 6'1" with long legs and she's 5'7" with short legs, so a lot of adjusting of seats and mirrors.

    If I'm just running into town I'll just make-do because it's less effort than it's worth sometiems.

    1. My car has two settings, depending on which key fob enters the driver side, but my peeve is with sun visors left down (which I usually bump my head on getting into the car, or have to move myself first). Don't get me started on leaving cr@p in the cupholders.

          1. Oh yeah, its awful. She always tries to blame the kids but they are in my car more often nowadays and the kids aren't leaving a year's worth of makeup in the cupholders.

    2. I'm a hair over 6', the girlfriend is a hair over 5'- I can't even get in after she's been driving without moving the seat. When she drives my truck, she can barely reach the wheel without moving the seat, much less the pedals.
      Mirrors are always interesting, too- I have a great view of the backseat until I adjust the rearview.
      She also does the sun visor thing, and the cupholders are always full of change.

      1. I’m married, and not that y’all (and she’s not that short, but otherwise it’s all of this at my house.

    3. I'm 5'6" and Mr. NaCl is 5'10" and I don't need to adjust the seat at all. So I guess I have long legs?

      I recline the seat only very slightly. I cannot abide a messy car. I don't foresee owning a car with a seat warmer anytime soon. I prefer keeping the a/c off as much as possible.

      (Man, this is kind of a weird conversation...)

      1. I don't foresee owning a car with a seat warmer anytime soon

        Oh, they are the best thing in the world.

        Except for a/c, and yes, I've run both at the same time before...

              1. the butt cooler is the greatest invention since fire. My Dad splurged on a fancy Lincoln SUV, which has dual zone climate control and butt coolers.

                I can't wait to upgrade. That is on my short list of must-have features.

          1. It is nice to be married to a person who believes in air conditioning as passionately as I do.

            And I do certainly want a seat cooler in my next vehicle (probably won't happen, but that's the dream -- my boss has one, and they are amazing).

            1. I would love that. And I have to have the A/C on in the car. If I have the windows down, the wind really hurts my ears (plus makes hearing music impossible).

              In the house, I have a higher tolerance for heat and love fans, but my wife doesn't respond well to them.

                1. I see we’re on similar wavelengths.

                  The radio in the truck doesn’t work, but even if it did, I’d still have to keep the windows down, just to ward off carbon monoxide poisoning.

                  1. My first car was a '79 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight. The exhaust manifold had a hole in it and even in the winter I'd have to have the windows down so I could breathe.

                  2. My love for winter does conflict with my love for driving with the windows down. Its also nice to finally have a car with power windows so I can roll all of them down.

      2. Dual-zone climate control & seat heaters have prevented many a grumble when we’re both in the car. I’d be hard-pressed to buy another vehicle without them if I thought I’d be in it with anyone else.

        Now, if we could only get a dual-zone climate control system for our bed...

      3. All of Pepper's comment applies to me. My wife and I drive both cars without any very large adjustment issues that I know of when changing drivers.

        (except that I'm 6'5" not 5'6")

        (and I'm not married to Mr NaCl)

        I have my favorite car for sure, but that one doesn't fit in the driveway SelectShow
  3. We don’t really have our “own” cars. We sold my Volvo before the Poissonnière was born. Our ‘08 Subaru replaced her ‘02 Camry, which she totaled in her first winter up here, now over a decade ago. It was her daily whip until she joined me at the University & on public transportation. We “bought” our ‘02 Buick from her grandfather when he had to stop driving a few years ago. I suppose the exception might be the truck, which Mrs. Hayes can’t drive due to unfamiliarity with 1940s-era automotive technology. I tend to think of the cars as the “nice car” (Subaru) & the “beater,” even though the nice car has nearly double the miles on it.

    Pet peeves: driver’s seat heater left on, audio-in cable unplugged from 3.5mm jack/Lightning phone dongle, visor down in face/head smacking territory.

        1. sean, I would be fascinated to see our fingerprint words for the intervening time. As I recall, I'd posted a long ranking of city parks before the previous one, so that skewed my words.

  4. Eddie drives me nuts. It's too bad he's dropped off in the second half because I really want them to trade him for a pitcher next year.

    1. I don’t know of any other players that I hate that I love... if that makes sense. His plate approach is so inconsistent the second half that I have to believe the hypothesis that he’s playing through injury, but his nonchalance in the outfield is what’s moving me into your camp.

  5. Newbish has developed an affection for listening to the Twins on the radio, to the point where yesterday, he requested me to put them on.

    Trouble was, it was 4:30, so there was no game. Luckily, 1991 Game 7 on YouTube over the Bluetooth more than did the trick.

  6. I will admit to occasionally turning on the seat heater while blasting the A/C. Living where we live, I never need to use the seat warmer to keep warm, but it is sometimes nice to loosen up a stiff lower back, especially on cross-country drives.

  7. Yankees' Domingo German placed on administrative leave for a domestic abuse situation. I guess that could potentially even up a playoff series after Pineda's suspension.

      1. Difference there is they haven't had him all year and their bullpen is really good anyways. Really sucks for him, though. If allegations are true for German, I have no sympathy for him.

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