2019 Game 156: Strip Steaks vs. Hot Dish

I had a game log all ready to go, but instead of scheduling it I just left it open in a browser last night and when I tried to save it this morning the laptop seized and I lost it. And the dog ate my homework. And the check's in the mail.

One week of baseball to go. Seven games with a four game lead. Magic number of 4 (thanks, Phillies). I'm still all hunched over from that ninth inning nut punch the Royals delivered last night. I'm hoping for better today. We are off to celebrate my mother-in-law's 80th birthday with brunch, so it will be Gameday on the phone and radio for me today. Play ball!

77 thoughts on “2019 Game 156: Strip Steaks vs. Hot Dish”

  1. Kind of a continuation of the Berrios discussion from yesterday: Cory and Dan are talking about how Perez gets a lot of soft contact, but seems to give up a lot of hits on that soft contact. So my question is, do we just assume that's bad luck, or is there something about the way Perez pitches that makes it more likely that he'll give up soft contact hits? I don't say that presuming to know the answer. I'm just wondering about it.

        1. Perez has the lowest K rate and the highest BB rate of the pitchers. The more contact you give up, the more often even soft contact falls in. Plus, those soft hits hurt you more when you put runners on base via walks.

  2. If Mondesi's shoulder is so bad that he wasn't supposed to dive for balls or steal bases or things like that, why in the world are the Royals still playing him? They're not playing for anything. Why send an injured player out there?

  3. Well, called that one right. Directly over my head and next deck up. On the replay u may see me stand up like i had a chance. Ha!

      1. Yes, decided to catch the game then drop the boy at the U and then drive the girl up to Duluth. And...as I was typing this Rosario just tossed a ball to me. I gave it to the kid next to us.

  4. Honest Abe told me Boomstick and Sanó would homer before the game. I texted meat to get Abe some points, but meat is being greedy.

    1. Well, maybe not. The last time he did was September 14, when he pitched 1.2. He hasn't pitched two innings since June 18.

  5. Two times I called 3-player bombas, I had two correct. Here’s another. C’mon Rosie. Let’s get one.

  6. Well, we have 5.5 hours of driving to do, so heading out after this inning. Bring home a win fellas!

  7. Graterol is no longer the pitcher with the most batters faced without recording an out in my presence, so, uh, he's got that going for him.

  8. I missed the Twins set a franchise record for runs after yesterday's game. They've now surpassed 900 runs. They've also won a lot of games.

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