2019 Game 157 – Twins at Tigers

Last week of the season and the Twins should clinch the Central Division in the next day or so. Twins at the woebegone Tigers who have already lost 109 games. Hopefully the Twins get down to business and take at least two. Spencer Turnbull for the Tigers and has a 3-15 record, which is expected from a 109 loss team. Turnbull hasn’t had a Win since later May so here’s hoping he’s not due. Odorizzi on the mound and he’s been Twins most consistent pitcher and in 11 career starts, he's 5-1 with a 3.25 ERA against Detroit.

Game time at 5:40p and Cleveland at White Sox at 7:00p, so they will definitely be scoreboard watching in Chicago. C’mon Twins, let’s put this lousy team down so we can start chilling the Champagne.

Twins Lineup:
2B Arraez
SS Polanco
DH Cruz
LF Rosario
1B Gonzalex
3B Sano
RF Cave
CF Wade Jr.
C Castro

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  1. Where is everyone tonight? I have a meeting in a little while, so I won't be around too much, either, I guess.

  2. Dazzle, the reason the Twins shut down the running game in the second half is that they haven't had Buxton for most of it.

      1. I actually think you may be right about that. I think Rocco is trying to find out if Gibson will be a viable bullpen option in the playoffs.

      2. Yeah, probably. For the most part, if the Twins get the lead after 5 or 6, it will be bullpen time, probably sooner when neither Berrios or Odo starts, so that will mean using a lot of guys for 1 or 2 innings. If the Twins fall behind in games, they will probably go to long relievers to eat up innings, so that would be time for possibly Gibson, Perez, Dobnak, Smeltzer or Thorpe, depending on who makes the postseason roster and isn't starting. Tonight might have been an audition for Gibson as much as anything. He was good from an FIP standpoint tonight, 4 Ks in 2 IP with 0 walks and 0 HRs allowed. 4 ground balls, 0 fly balls. 32 of his 43 pitches for strikes. Of course, the big issue is throwing 43 pitches in 2 innings, but it wasn't because of wildness. Gibson has an OPS against of .698 the first time through the order, so they may be looking at that as well. Of course, it would make more sense for Perez, considering he has a .650 OPS against the first time and .907 the second time.

    1. i found a vague but interesting smothered veggie recipe on the tweeters. improved it and it turned out all right. i also learned what the cooking term "smothered" means, though mostly after the fact (i kind of accidentally did it anyway). besides that, we cooked some saba in our "new" fish grill with some white rice on the side (need to pick up some more brown rice).

  3. Twins clinch winning record in September to give them a winning record in each month this season. Only other Twins teams to do it were 2002 (the last team to win a postseason series) and 1965 (AL champs).

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