2019 Game 158: Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers

Randy Dobnak
Daniel Norris

Dobnak continues his improbable year. I don't know if the Twins juggled his position in the rotation to have him start around his wedding this Saturday, but that's how it is. Regular rest dictates his next start would be Monday so he's ready for a Game 1 (unlikely) start.

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  1. I've seen a lot of speculation that he's being prepped for a game 2 start. That would be quite a story for him.

    Also, my brother's getting married in Vancouver next week, and I've looked it over, and the only game of the ALDS I'd be able to for sure watch would be game 5.

    So.....that sucks.

            1. No. And I'd find a way to add a TV.

              Then again, I planned my wedding for six weeks and did it for under $500 in my backyard with 10 people

              1. I definitely wish I'd done that. My sister in law is getting married next year and wants to save like 24k for it, and that is just nuts.

                1. When Mrs. A and I got married in 1989, I deliberately chose Oct. 28 because it was a week after the World Series would be over, even if it lasted seven games. As you may recall, however, 1989 was the year of the earthquake series. They delayed the series several days, so game four (which turned out to be the last game) was played the same day we got married. We arranged for a TV to be in the reception area so everyone who was interested (which obviously included me) could watch the game.

    1. Since you're in Canada, you might be completely out of market and be able to use MLB.tv's postseason streaming. Once the postseason starts, you can review the international options.

    2. I've seen a lot of speculation that he's being prepped for a game 2 start.

      One hit and one unearned run over six innings is a good final showcase for that start.

              1. Awesome. If Arraez’ career is even a third as good as Carew’s, that’s a pretty special player — essentially slightly better than Cesar Tovar’s tenure with the Twins.

  2. TIBN proclamates that they will stay LIVE until Cleve/ChiSox game is over (yeah, but it's a work night).

  3. So win the Twins clinch tonight, what's the hangover lineup tomorrow?

    Arraez -- 1B
    Schoop - 2B
    Castro - C
    Miller- CF
    Wade Jr -LF
    Cave-- DH
    Torreyes -- SS
    Astudillo -- 3B
    LaMarre -- RF

    1. I think Astudillo would be more likely to start at first, despite his arm featuring better at third than Arraez’. Arraez hasn’t played a game at first since getting one appearance there in the Dominican Summer League when he was 17.

      1. It feels weird to say this, but I’m leaning towards feeling more comfortable with the idea of the Twins starting the series on the road. It’d be especially sweet if they bombard the Bandbronx into smithereens.

        1. I'm with you, though I do fear going back home down 0-2 and possibly having just one playoff home game.

          The one nice thing about playing the Yankees in the divisional round is that we're all but guaranteed to get the night games so I won't miss any due to work.

    1. The Yankees will probably come out ahead because the Twins clinched and have nothing to really play for and are banged up. And I'm referring to record and home runs. I would just really love to be the first to 300 HRs.

        1. I was born in 1981. I was not aware of music for long after that... and when I was, it was basically all music from before and after her time. It seems nuts to me now.

          1. heh, i'm from similar times, but we've definitely had very different musical lives (i'm sure i said it before, but i convinced my dad to take me to a twisted sister concert around age 6 or 7).

            that said, i didn't realize/remember this song was from mannequin. for whatever reason, we had this on VHS. looking back on it now, what a weird effing movie. whenever i see spader, i think of him from that film.

            1. Growing up, I heard almost nothing made between about 1970 until 1993, with some limited 80's pop and Bruce Springsteen being the only real exceptions.

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