2019 Game 162: Fountains vs Lakes

Sorry for the half-baked game log, I’m doing it from my phone in Duluth. I’ve been a bit distraught about the injury to Arraez, but it sounds like maybe the ankle can be ready by Friday. One of the perks of winning the division, extra time to recover and prepare. I don’t know who is pitching today, it’s a meaningless game, and my team has done way more than I expected of them back in March. Now, if they can just do that in the playoffs. Play ball!

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  1. You aren't kidding about the luxury of having days off - we were really hosed in past post seasons with lack of off days and quick turnaround. Even better, we're winning these late season games that have less than the optimum lineups/pitching.

  2. Corey, if you think the fans didn't acknowledge Gordon as much as you expected, it was just his first AB. It's whenever his last AB is today that they'll give him props.

  3. The fact the Twins take the lead in HR race using spring training lineup at Kauffman while the Yankees use their normal lineup in Texas is just crazy and a good example of why it is such an amazing sport.

          1. I don't even care about the win (101 wins is still really frickin cool.) I'm HR record or bust right now.

  4. I had a much needed nap this afternoon. This HR race thing is a nice circumstance to wake up to.

  5. I'm okay with 101 wins and giving Yost a nice little send off, we got the HR record which was all I cared about today, baseball-wise.

    1. Set the franchise record for runs scored but finished second all-time in runs per game at 5.80, just behind the 5.81 runs per game by the 1936 Senators. The average runs scored in the AL in 1936 was 5.67 so definitely a different era.

      1. dang, so close

        also, the team score all those runs, yet only had one 100+ runs scored player (Polonco)

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