37 thoughts on “2019 MLB Playoffs — NL Wildcard Game: Brewers at Nats”

  1. I cant wait to hear how loud Target Field is going to get when it hosts the Playoff game

    1. Yeah, we really haven't had too many moments where you figure it would be like the playoffs this year. Closest I can recall is Garver's 3-run homer against the Indians. That was the only game of that series the Twins won, and then they went on the road, and the only teams left were the White Sox and Royals, and we had a pretty commanding lead at that time.

      1. Yeah, he's terrible too. Even calling basketball games. Guh, TBS is just crap in general.

  2. Well that was a quick turn. Single, inning over, 11 pitches later game over. I especially like how little Soto cared he TOOTBLAN'd.

  3. Well, that's who I figured would win but the way I figured it would happen. If anyone would have taken an early lead and blew it late, it would have been the Nats. Hader had a 0.00 ERA in 10 previous postseason innings in 7 games. If Hader can have an inning like that, then anyone can. That's why I love the drama of the postseason but don't put much stock in "Count Da Rings!"

  4. So. I was reading a story of free agent pitchers. Strasburg can opt out this year. The crazy thing is he is listed as 31 years old!? Why did I think he was so younger? I am getting old. Players careers seem to fly by compared to when I was in my 20s or 30s.

      1. Yeah, I realized that. I was just commenting on how fast time goes. Seems like less than 10 years in my aging brain.

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