October 1, 2019: Temptation

I accidentally spilled a large amount of bird seed when trying to refill the feeder outside our window. Now the cat has been forced to miserably stare at a long parade of squirrels, rabbits, and birds just in front of his face from inside of our patio door.

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    1. We already have, actually. Here's game one.

      HP: Manny Gonzalez
      1B: Todd Tichenor
      2B: Gary Cederstrom (Crew Chief)
      3B: Lance Barksdale
      LF: Eric Cooper
      RF: Adrian Johnson

      1. That's better than the fantasy crew I was expecting:

        HP: Angel Hernandez
        1B: Joe West
        2B: Laz Diaz
        3B: Hunter Wendelstedt
        LF: Phil Cuzzi
        RF: Derek Jeter

  1. Only 46 center fielders* in MLB history have passed 50 Rfield (WAR Runs Fielding). Since the franchise’s move to Minnesota, two of these center fielders have played for the Twins. Who are they?

    * Defined as playing at least 45% of total games in CF.

      1. Norwood was -6; Mitchell was +9 for his career, but +11 in 1982 alone. If he’d gotten an earlier start, or had enough ancillary skills to stick during an era where speed & contact skills were more valued, he might’ve had a shot.

      1. 1 for 2 SelectShow
          1. Precisely SelectShow
      1. 0-2, but not for long SelectShow
      1. 1-2, but the same 1 as socal SelectShow
      1. Ok, I think I found him.

        Spoiler SelectShow

        I have zero recollection of him as a Twin and don't know what connection he has to DPWY.

        1. Correct. I think the connection is the brief time he played and the only person here who would have been attending games then.

        2. I remember that he played for the Twins, but the only thing I really remember about him is

          Spoiler SelectShow
        3. Correct! I was surprised to see him on that list; I don’t remember thinking he was anything particularly special in the field at the time.

          1. To be fair, he wasn't then. Above average for his brief career but not much. He had a good overall career in center but the overall numbers are bolstered by two years.

    1. Kirby Puckett was at +40 runs after his first two seasons. He ended at -14. Man he declined hard in the field. He was -29 runs in centerfield in 1993 before he was moved to right field more or less permanently.

      1. Shane Mack in center and Kirby in right was probably the better outfield alignment in 1991, but Kirby robbed Ron Gant’s XBH, so I’m not complaining.

    1. I still feel bad for that lady that got smacked by that Sano donger way out in the CF bar. Honestly, who expects to get hit with from over 150 yards away?

    2. I wonder what the breakdown is on seriousness of injury. I imagine a pop fly over the net causes less damage than a screaming line drive. Unless they net up to the roofs.

    3. It doesn't matter if you are keeping track of the game or not -- you could have a line drive hit in your direction and every skill at catching it, but the bozo in front of you who does not throws his hands at it deflecting it into your (insert body part). You just can't arbitrarily suggest that fan inattentiveness is at fault.

      1. It doesn’t even have to be a bozo—most people are not really trained to have a baseball hit to them while they are seated in a crowd. Certainly not baseballs hit by pros.

    4. Why are they keeping track of injuries caused by people running after baseballs? That's ridiculous and could skew the results. I also am wondering why I see so many dots in the netted areas. I would have thought there would be more of a dramatic difference. Just how effective is the netting? And how injured are these people?

      1. Why are they keeping track of injuries caused by people running after baseballs?

        StatCast catches EVERYTHING!

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