2019 Division Series: Day Two

Possibly the fullest day of postseason baseball this year.

First game starts at 1:05 p.m. on FS1.
Tyler Glasnow
Justin Verlander

Game two begins at 3:37 p.m. on TBS.
Jack Flaherty
Mike Foltynewicz

Game three begins at 6:07 p.m. on MLBN.
Jose Berríos
James Paxton

Game four begins at 8:37 p.m. on TBS.
Stephen Strasburg
Clayton Kershaw

336 thoughts on “2019 Division Series: Day Two”

  1. I'm surprisingly confident about the Twins being able to beat the Yankees. I have zero confidence if they advance and have to beat the Astros. They just have zero weaknesses to exploit. Go, Rays!

  2. Cardinals and Braves is shaping up to be a really good series. Assuming the Braves hold on to this lead, I think it could go 5 games. Although the constant replays of Acuna running out of the box (or not) will get annoying.

  3. Stats during baseball broadcasts have gotten a lot cooler over the past 8 years.

  4. I added PlayStation vue for this series and it seems the pregame show is blacked out. Sure hope this isn't the case come game time.

    1. I’ve been on the local-ish only kick for a while, and the best ipa in the region by far is Wiseacer Ananda. Fabulous.

  5. Got both kids wearing Twins caps tonight. Currently aged 8 and 6. The girl (6) is running around screaming "Win Twins, Yankees stink".

    Here's hoping to a fun evening.

  6. I have no way of viewing this. We're in Vancouver for my brother's wedding, and our hotel room doesn't have the MLB Network. Let's do this.

  7. Trying to type using the Roku remote is a pain, but I finally got signed up for the free sling TV trial.

  8. What a shock that the umpire would make a incorrect bang bang call in favor of the Yanquis.

    Fuck Phil Cuzzi to this day - even with replay in place to fix things now.

        1. IIRC we blew that nice lead the bottom of the same first inning where we left a shit ton on base?

          This game feels different. If Berrios can work out of this 3rd Inn jam..........

            1. Everyone is healthy, the bills get paid. Pretty tough to complain.

              Don't know if I told you but the wife has been working at the Albright-Knox for the past two years. Gotten to meet a few pretty cool folks.

                1. They are closing next month for the next two years. Adding a new building to show off more of the collection.

                  Looks like she will be staying on as, while they may not be open, the fundraising can never stop.

    1. He's given up 2, 5, 2, 0, 6, 3, 5, 3, 3, and 9 runs his last 10 games. What exactly is his "sharpest" that you were expecting or hoping for?

    1. The only tools left on this team are the cheap ass owners who refuse to pay for playoff worthy pitching.

      1. Berrios should be. Odo has the ability to be, if he could just be more efficient. Pineda was showing that he was until the suspension. It'll be interesting to see how Dobnak fares.

        Bullpen wise, Rogers and Romo 100% are and I think Duffey has shown a lot this year. Gaterol looks promising as the absurd power pitcher good teams seem to have.

        So, while I agree that ownership is cheap, I think Falvey and Lavine have set up a playoff quality staff with room to do quite a bit with it this off season.

        1. And yet - Berrios is already in trouble (albeit not entirely his fault), another 3 game sweep feels so likely and we don't even know who is going to start tomorrow.

  9. For a place with as much diversity as New York City, judging by the TV feed the Bandbronx must have the highest dudebro per square mile density on Earth tonight.

  10. My daughter (15) is on an overnight trip with the drama team to a Shakespearean festival - she just called and I feared the worst. Instead her response "I just wanted to call and talk for a minute before we go out for the night."

    Small victories.

  11. Do you send out Berrios for another inning? Or is that playing with fire and its bullpen time regardless of whether we score here or not?

  12. Was surprised by the SB by Polonco. But thinking about it, if he's out, Cruz gets a new count next inning, and if he's safe he's in scoring position. I like it better now.

  13. Jesus Christ. Tell me more about how nobody on this team is part of the 0-13 playoff losing streak or are intimidated by the Yankees team we lose to every October?

  14. Costas with the "fans in Minnesota wondering about the quick hook" - I thought this was supposed to be good at his job?

    1. I could go for a sad puppy right now. I'm trying to get her to stop chewing on my frickin shorts before she bites something I really don't want her to.

    1. So far we’ve failed to make 3 or 4 plays you’d expect to be made. You don’t get that much margin for error with the Yankees.

  15. God. Four more innings of this crap.

    I genuinely dislike watching Yankee baseball. I don’t have enough of Rowsdower’s poopy dog blankets to deal with this.

      1. We went to a wedding a couple weeks ago at a bar near devil's lake. My wife and her sisters have never had it so I wanted to buy them all a shot. I was super disappointed they didn't have it. I am definitely getting a bottle for Thanksgiving.

        1. Bummer, man. I had a bad smoking experience back in college that left me unable to partake. But then I've found that vaping works and had a tremendous experience with an edible this summer.

            1. The waiting is normal. Took two hours for me. The rest is shitty. Bummer, man.

              At least Laphroaig exists.

          1. Ha!

            The one i had came from a dispensary in Colorado and was like a tablet. It hit like a ton of pillows. So relaxing.

  16. This game has more of a back and forth feel than previous twins - Yankees tilts, which is why I kind of wish it was over so I could relax and get drunk playing Farming Simulator.

    1. I'm assuming that was a hit and run, but Kepler got a great jump and that ball was so far out that you just can't swing at that.

  17. I've watched a game on TBS, Fox, and MLB today and I just want to note how utterly terrible TBS is at graphics.

    1. I'm damn close. I might see how they respond, but this game is on a short leash now. (short. Ha! A normal game would be done by now.)

    1. I still am sooooo annoyed at how good the Yankees have become at developing talent. They don't need a good farm system! Keep overpaying for hasbeens!!!!

    1. That was my thought exactly. Reason for him to be on postseason roster - eat up innings of games already lost.

    1. This is not a World Series championship team yet. But with this experience and some astute FO moves, maybe next year.

    1. I took a nice fat in game bet on the OVER 12.5 runs when Gibson went into the game.

      My Christmas budget just got a nice bump. Free money.

      1. And if those AAA studs our FO refused to trade for a pitcher that could actually help us win a game in October are any good - we might experience losing even more playoff game in the next 3-5 years as well!

  18. For a team in the top 6 for minimizing strikeouts this year, it sure feels like these guys strike out a lot.

        1. Emotional insurance betting.

          Profiting off the inevitable pain of being a Twins and Vikings fan.

          Someday I'll be happy to lose money on them - but not today.

            1. I think the Vikings to win that game. The Giant's are bad.

              Zimmer is a glorified D Coordinator who shouldn't be a head coach in the NFL - but he will make things tough for that rookie QB and Cousins knows how bad things will get if he has another game like last week.

              Looking ahead to the game @ Kansas City 11/3 - that will be easy money.

              1. haha, okay, go for it. the vikings will never let you down. after all, after the comments and news this week, cousins will be panic throwing to diggs and thielen as much as possible to make sure they're included. how do you think that will go? but, it's the giants, so i'm sure you have nothing to worry about...

                1. You are right - the team is in disarray. It would probably be better in the long run if they lost in NY and got closer to getting rid of Zimmer and blowing everything up. Winning this week puts perfume on the pile of shit which is why its the most Vikings thing to happen.

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