GAME 2 – Minnesota Wild v. Colorado Avalanche

Anyone going to watch this one? I admit I will probably be otherwise occupied.

The Wild get to play the two best teams in the Central in their first two games, and both on the road.  What fun!

The Avalanche will be pretty heavy favorites in this one.


  • Parise/Staal/Zuccarello went -3 and generated 1 shot on goal.  It would have been worse if not for Dubnyk standing on his head here.
  • Dumba got a goal, so he's on pace for at least 80 this season.  That will be exciting.
  • Playing on the road against Nashville is a tough way to start the season, but it feels worse when the Wild blow a third period lead.  File game 1 under missed opportunity.

11 thoughts on “GAME 2 – Minnesota Wild v. Colorado Avalanche”

      1. Hmmm... my experience with the hockey crowd around my town doesn't support this statement. LOL!

  1. The wife and I watched until it was 0-2, which was very early. I switched it to PBS and watched another episode of Country Music. I honestly did not think I would get sucked into this documentary. I have seen the first 3 episodes now, which covers up until around 1958. Lots of my parents favorite artists Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Roger Miller, etc. Since my parents didn't really talk a lot about growing up, I feel like I am able to gleam quite a bit of their childhood and teen years from watching this show.

    Oh.. back to the Wild. I haven't been paying much attention, but the 5 minutes I have watched was pretty lackluster and my hockey buddies tell me they look flat. Waaaaay too early to give up on them. One interesting thing to watch will be Mr. Dumba. Everything I have read or heard tells me he is poised for a breakout season.

      1. I am holding out til the Twins are done. Hopefully that ain't tomorrow night. Once they are, I will jump in your game logs more often.

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