21 thoughts on “MLB Playoffs ‘Stros at Rays”

  1. I can't easily verify this but this is Verlander's first start on short rest. This does allow Cole to start Game 5 on normal rest so there's a nice backup plan.

    1. Just saw that replay this morning—fantastic play. The CF was sooooo patient waiting for the bounce. Given the pressure of the situation, so easy to rush that and screw it up.

  2. FS1 displayed a graphic showing the performance of Rays' openers this year, but included a win-loss record (0-4). Pierzynski pointed out after a moment the ridiculousness of including that stat because they will never get a win.

    A few minutes later he asked Girardi about analytics. Girardi responded positively and Pierzynski interjects a "100%".

    1. It’s ridiculous they haven’t changed the win rule at all. Severino deserved the win more than Green IMO, but in practice they always pass over you if you are a starter who goes fewer than 5, even if that’s the plan.

        1. Is it that major of a change? Already it's up to the scorer, assuming the starter left with the lead, but the starter is excluded from consideration. Allow the scorer to pick anyone.

              1. I don't know if it will ever go away, or even be changed. You'll just hear less and less about it.

            1. Sure, but compared to their reaction to Openers in general, I think this would be lost in the noise.

  3. I don’t like having to cheer for the Cards to win the bracket, but here we are...

    If they win the NLCS series, I think I have this wrapped up, but someone smarter than me can correct that.

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