27 thoughts on “2019 Championship Series: Day 2”

  1. Two more no-hit innings for the Nationals. Cardinals must be feeling the pressure with Scherzer pitching.

    1. And another. Scherzer at 51 pitches through three so I don't think he finishes even with zero hits.

  2. I'm listening to the Cardinals announcers. I don't know if Mike Shannon is always this bad or if he's just having a bad day, but he's really struggling to give a coherent broadcast of the game.

    1. I thought the outfielder could've caught it, but I can see why he didn't want to take the chance of the ball getting by him.

  3. Hard to believe Taylor missed that ball. I'm sure it's not as easy as it looks, but for a big league outfielder that should've been a pretty easy one. You might say that was a Taylor-made double.

  4. If MLB wants to reduce offense, they should definitely consider adding alternating shaded and sunlit sections over every pitcher's mound. These guys are dealing today anyway, but earlier in the game, the lighting definitely made it tough on the hitters.

  5. I assume they mentioned this on TV, too, but the Astros don't have a left-handed pitcher on their ALCS roster. That seems really strange to me.

    1. I think for one thing, the Yankees only have three guys who would bat from the left side (Gardner, Gregorius, and Hicks) and this season Pressly and Harris both had reverse platoon splits. That and the only lefty they had before was Miley, and he hasn't been very good lately.

    1. [getting way ahead of ourselves] Not that I really want the Yankees to sweep the Astros, but I feel like NYY hypothetically sweeping the Astros should change the narrative on the Twins’ ALDS, but it would be too late and the LOLTwins narrative has already taken hold.

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