2019 NLCS Game 3

Stephen Strasburg
Jack Flaherty

I opined to someone that I'm not sure if this series will make it back to St. Louis. I doubt there will be a sweep but winning two games against Strasburg, Corbin, and Sánchez seems unlikely.

8 thoughts on “2019 NLCS Game 3”

  1. I know this horse is long since deceased, but I really dislike it that they have to give me a scouting report on the home plate umpire.

  2. Don't know if they mentioned this on TV (they probably did), but Cardinals pitching coach Mike Maddux apparently went golfing today and got two holes-in-one.

    1. Seems like he probably should have been hanging out with his pitchers and giving them coaching instead.

  3. You'd think a 4-0 lead with Strasburg pitching would be a foregone conclusion. But on the other hand, it is baseball.

  4. Flaherty not fooling anyone now. I am reminded of Washington shutting down Strasburg years ago.

  5. Managers turning back the clock on pitch count. I like the starters going deep every game but there is a point where it's reckless.

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