21 thoughts on “October 14, 2019: “Holiday””

        1. Also, canocorn, your fresh hops are going to be way more flavorful than the pellet stuff, save those pellets for another brew. Hope that this advice got to you in time.

          1. Funny enough, it just might. I do have this year’s harvest of Nugget and, currently, no recipe in mind.

  1. No games in the Arizona Fall League yesterday.

    In the Dominican League, Wilin Rosario was 1-for-2 with a triple, two walks, and two runs as Aguilas defeated Estrellas 7-0. Rosario is 2-for-5 with three walks on the season.

  2. Watched from the 5th inning on last night. As much as I don't like the Yankees, it was a good game. Some great defensive plays by both teams. At one time in the game Verlander had 6 strikeouts, 11 fly balls and no ground outs. A few warning track pops that may have gone out with the regular season version of the baseball. His interview afterwards was interesting. He talked about valuing analytics and using that information, but that he goes against the "plan" for certain hitters when his eyes and guts tell him to throw something different. I never liked him much when he was a Tiger, but have grown to appreciate him. Such a grinder.

    Between the Vikings victory and the MLB playoffs I made a dish that used some left over Quinoa. I fried it up with some marinated chicken breast, bell peppers, eggs and roasted garlic. Tossed with a sriracha based sauce I had left over from another meal. Not typically a Quinoa fan, but boy it was tasty fried up.

    1. I never liked him much when he was a Tiger, but have grown to appreciate him

      Same here. I want the Astros and Nats to win because I want Verlander/Scherzer matchups.

  3. I just noticed the Squirrel header. Is his... ummmmm... "squirrelhood" apparent? If so, could understand. I'd probably be aroused too if I was flying around the field during an actual MLB game.

  4. The vending machine at work has two rows of Dr Pepper. When I get some, I always get a can from E-6 in honor of Bootsy.

    1. That's funny. The machine at our ice arena is the same, but only it had Diet Dr. Pepper in that spot, and I also would pick E6 and chuckle to myself while doing so.

        1. Speaking of Letterkenny... we watched the first 2 episodes of the new season last night. I should have watched a couple old episodes first to train my ears again. I think I missed half the dialogue. Will re-watch tonight, but there are definitely some funny moments so far.

          1. I watched season 6 last week to get in the groove, it definitely helped. But I'm also definitely going to have to rewatch it to catch everything.

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