34 thoughts on “MLB Playoffs Game Log”

  1. I saw some commentary today that speculated that Molina's passed ball last night, and the lackadaisical way he went after it, were a sign that the Cardinals had given up. I pretty much discounted that when I read it, but this kind of a start makes me think there may be something to it.

      1. A solid choice. He had a +0.53 WPA, highest of anyone in the series. Scherzer had +0.50. Kendrick meanwhile had +0.19, tied with Gomes, and wasn't even the highest for a position player, that was Eaton at +0.26. Strasburg also netted +0.26 in his start.

        I was tempted to pick Sánchez as well but thought Scherzer and Strasburg deserved mention. But didn't want to exclude Corbin for his workable start.

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