31 thoughts on “October 15, 2019: The Chill”

  1. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees are out and it's a doozy

    Pat Benatar
    Dave Matthews Band
    Depeche Mode
    The Doobie Brothers
    Whitney Houston
    Judas Priest
    Nine Inch Nails
    The Notorious B.I.G.
    Rufus featuring Chaka Khan
    Todd Rundgren
    Thin Lizzy

    1. I don't see how anything "feat. Chaka Khan" counts unless that was the name of the band. Could Rufus (sans Chaka Khan) be inducted separately?
      Was Ms. Khan in the band?

      Here I can't be impartial. I have those I would add, but only because I like them (Whitney, Motörhead, NIN, Soundgarden, BIG, Kraftwerk).
      I can't compare them to the other artists in genres I don't like, or who peaked before I paid any attention.
      I'm avoiding affirming DM's nomination for Free's sake.

      1. Thanks. That DMB. DM, DB lineup would be a concert from hell for me.

        All the rest have a lot of merit.

      1. A good half dozen were "they aren't in already?" for me. Benatar, Doobies, Whitney, Kraftwerk, Rundgren.

        Probably others too. Priest, dunno if Thin Lizzy and T. Rex have enough counting stats. Others are too far outside my knowledge and/or tastes.

    2. Soundgarden is interesting. One of my favorite bands from that era. Still think Chris Cornell was one of the top lead vocalists of all time in the rock and roll genre. Not sure if they are a HOF band by my standards, but by looking at some of the bands that have made it, they should be lock at some point. #everyonegetsatrophy

  2. Scottsdale scored three in the eighth to defeat Salt River 6-5. The Rafters are 12-8 and lead Mesa by two games.

    Royce Lewis was 1-for-4 with a walk, a run, and an RBI. He is batting .397/.455/.672 in 58 at-bats.
    Luke Raley was 1-for-4. He is batting .170/.246/.264 in 53 at-bats.
    Jovani Moran pitched one inning and allowed three runs on two hits and two walks. His ERA is 6.43 with 11 strikeouts and 10 walks in 7 innings.

    Aguilas defeated the Toros 5-3. Wilin Rosario was 1-for-5 with two RBIs. He is batting .300/.462/.500 in 10 at-bats.

  3. I went to this movie at the theatre and I noticed the Nine-Dash Line on the map immediately. (Though I misremembered how many dashes... thought it was seven.)
    (Quick review: quite enjoyable kids-movie fare. Reminds me of "Home" as a tourism ad for China. The route taken makes absolutely no sense geographically other than to highlight a bunch of different Chinese sites.)

    1. As with the Deadwood movie, I’m attempting to hold off until I can get through the whole series.

      Spoiler SelectShow
    2. I liked it. Typical BB fare. Nice little bowtie to Jessie's story. A hundred times better than that out-of-character-Hallmark-card of a Deadwood movie.

    3. Actual Spoiler SelectShow
  4. I don't really disagree with any of these awards.

    1. I had a ticket and sold it due to other obligations. Disappointed but the Current is live streaming it so #winning

  5. A little too much excitement for my white bread tastes around here. I just went out my building to get a soda pop from the 7-11 next door. The Federales were congregating in the street with about 3 squad cars. Apparently a security incident (someone detained) AND a shooting two blocks away.

    Fog of crime, but separate incidents as far as I could discern from our building security dudes.

    1. They do have Dwayne De Rosario, so that's not so

      /touches ear piece

      I've just been informed that yeah, it was that bad. He retired almost 5 years ago

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