27 thoughts on “2019 ALCS Game 6”

  1. Astros' announcers comment: The Yankees have positioned their defense pretty well against Gurriel, but they can't play someone in the Crawford Boxes.

  2. I wouldn't want every game to be like this, and you couldn't do it anyway unless you carried even more pitchers. But bullpen games in the playoffs are kind of fun. All the strategy, all the matchups. It always amuses me that the people who hate the DH because "it takes the strategy out of the game" tend to be the same people who hate openers, shifts, and every other more contemporary strategy that comes along.

          1. Posted before the top of the ninth.

  3. That was a pretty damned solid series. I'm looking forward to this series -- I THINK I'm rooting for the Nats, but I'm not entirely sure yet.

    1. I'll be cautiously rooting for the Nats, but I am concerned about the possible Bryce Harper takes should they win.

      1. I'm somewhat rooting for the Nationals, but I have nothing against Houston and will be fine with it if they win, too. Mainly, I think this will be a really good, fun, exciting series to watch.

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