15 thoughts on “World Series Game Four”

  1. Chirinos with a home run. 4-0 Astros.

    If this holds, the road team will have won each of the first four games of the World Series. It's like a Twins World Series in reverse.

        1. He got more outs than Greinke. It's the World Series and 2019, managers pull their starter whenever they want.

  2. Kyle Tucker pinch hit to start the inning and he's batting again. Time to check how often that happens.

    1. Happened seven times in 2019, including once against the Twins. The record is 11, in 1970 and 1941.

      In 1970, the Tigers did it against the Twins and the Twins did against the Tigers the next day in a performance matching the Royals of this year. Also that year was it happening twice on the same day but in different games. Finally. it did happen twice in the same game of a doubleheader.

      In 1941 it was less interesting. There was the feat happening twice in a game, again in a doubleheader, however.

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