Game 12 – Wild vs. Stars

Minnesota vs. Dallas in the battle of two teams trying to recover from really bad starts.

The Wild are back on the road again. They still only have one uninspiring win away from home. They've scored only 10 goals in 7 road games and have been shut out in both of their last two on the road.

Dallas started 1-7-1, then have won 3 of their last 4. They've really struggled to score at home (8 goals in 6 games), so don't expect firewagon hockey tonight. A divisional opponent without a dangerous offense? Sounds like a good one to win.

18 thoughts on “Game 12 – Wild vs. Stars”

  1. The Minnesota Whitecaps won both games this weekend against the Connecticut Whale.

    I'm kind of a sucker for nostalgia jerseys, but if I got an NWHL jersey it would be the Whale. If I got a Whitecaps jersey I'd feel like I was cheering for Iceland in Mighty Ducks 2.

      1. Wait, a win on the road?

        *reads intro*

        Oh. Team that can't score at all versus team that can't score on the road. Easy.

    1. Unfortunately, I can believe it. There is something about this team the last year or so that just isn't clicking. I wonder if it is time to tank and hope to get a top draft pick. Something we have not had in a long time due to continually being in the middle of the pack.

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