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  1. Wilin Rosario was 1-for-5 with a run as Aguilas lost to Escogido 8-5. Rosario is batting .224/.289/.329 in 76 at-bats.
    Jonathan Cheshire struck out the only man he faced for Escogido in the same game. Cheshire is 1-0, 1.59, 0.71 WHIP with 2 walks and 6 strikeouts in 5.2 innings.
    Brandon Barnes was 1-for-5 with a run as Mexicali lost to Guasave 4-3. Barnes is batting .200/.222/.229 in 35 at-bats.

  2. I watched my first half of Wolves basketball of the season last night. They, uh, kind of still suck.

      1. Never, I mulch it all. Leaving the grass clippings is the recommended method. The leaves have nutrients that can help the grass too. I do have to switch the mower to mulching mode in the fall so it doesn't create thick leaf piles.

        1. You guys must have some super mowers, or I'm waiting too long between cuts. When the grass is still growing and the leaves dump, I can't mulch enough to get leaf litter broken down sufficiently. (At least to my wife's standards.)
          Also, how often do you sharpen mower blades? Take them in, or sharpen in the garage?

          1. Sharpen every spring (they say twice a season, but whatever), either taking in or at the neighbors. Also change oil then too. Clean the air filter as needed. My Toro is 29 years old this year.

          2. I haven't sharpened for a couple years... it shows.

            Re: breaking down leaf litter... I've seen various places that it is good for pollinators if there is more ground cover. Maybe that information would help with appeasing standards?

          3. I kind of have a super mower, but only based on the fact that it sounds cool when I start it because its an electric.

            1. Yeah, I'm still digging my electric. I do need to get another bigger battery for it to replace the smaller one I have though. If the grass is thick or wet, I usually run out of juice was a small chunk of yard left.

              1. What do you have? I bought a refurbished Ego and its the best. It'll do the whole yard unless its a bit wet, but it only takes 40 minutes for a full recharge so I can take a 20 minute break and then finish it up.

          4. That happens if I wait too long and then go too fast through the tall parts. It shoots the clippings out the side so I go slow-ish to give it time to clear out. I add the mulch cover in the fall because the grass stops growing and I only have to worry about leaves.

            I haven't sharpened the current mower since we moved, but the previous I did about once or twice a year (thanks rock). I have two sets of blades so I can swap to the sharp set and sharpen the dull blades later.

      2. My mower mulches, and any clumps of clippings get left in situ. I’m not about to be Hank Hill with my grass; I’ve never understood the desire to have a “perfect” lawn. Any leaves that don’t get mowed into the lawn get piled on what I grew up calling the “boulevard,” but what folks here call the “terrace.” The People’s Republic sends out recycling trucks & Jeeps with huge push-brooms to collect any leaves placed there; there’s a strong, concerted effort to keep them out of the storm sewers, and thus, high concentrations of phosphorous out of the lakes. Sticks larger than a quarter-inch around & other yard waste must be taken to a drop-off site; I typically make a couple of trips per year.

        I really hope the PR’s free organic compost recycling program is rolled out city-wide. We wouldn’t have more than one bag of actual trash per week if we had a compost cart for food scraps. Unfortunately, the first pilot was not successful:

        Bed sheets, plastic bags and a deer head are among the oddities that Johnson described finding in waste bins during the Madison Organics run. With the new Food Scraps pilot, Johnson is stressing the name, asking participants for food only.

        I admire the confidence of the person who put a deer head in their compost cart. We were told the biodigester that the PR wanted to build would handle bones no problem due to the heat generated by the mass of material collected.

        1. I'm with you. Whenever Tru Green or Weed Man or whoever comes around the neighborhood I always tell them I'm not interested because I don't give a crap what it looks like. The only thing I need to care more about is keeping the big frickin rocks out because I hit one on my second use of my new lawn mower this summer so I already need to replace the blade. I blame the kids.

          1. I tell those guys to take a hike because it's the only farming I get to do anymore. My lawn looks pretty darn good, barring the attack of spurge and other crap growing across from the neighbors to the north. I plant Jaguar grass seed*, and I pull any crabgrass by hand, so it hasn't had any opportunity to take hold.

            *from the co-op in Old St. Peters -- I love the place, reminds me of the days going to the grain elevator

        2. While we still have more actual trash than I would otherwise have expected, we heavily compost in our household. Food scraps and compostable products get collected and brought to my in-law's farm, then thrown into a pile in the cow yard. The cows eat the food. And lots of the other stuff. The rest gets mixed in with the rest of the ... stuff in the cow yard, and then fertilizes the fields some time later.

        3. I’ve never understood the desire to have a “perfect” lawn.

          Yeah, I don't care about this even a little. The only reason I mow as much as I do is it's a nice excuse to get out of the house for an hour and listen to a podcast or something.

        4. We regularly only have one 13 gal bag of trash per week between the three of us, which I'm pretty happy about. We compost a lot, and recycle a ton too.

          1. And I just chastised Runner daughter for bringing over her recyclables and filling our container the day after pickup day; thanks, now I'll be overstuffing it for the next six days :/

      3. I bag my clippings once or twice a year when the buildup gets sorta high, but that usually results in about 3 truck beds full, so I don't do it often.

        I'll mulch the leaves here probably this weekend, and just let them sit over the winter.

          1. Back when I had my truck, I would also haul grass clippings away a few times per season. The local dump let me drop them for free since I used their garbage pick up service. I did not bag them, but would dump them directly in my truck bed. I have .86 acres. We irrigate and fertilize. I would fill the entire truck bed with clippings in one mowing and would barely be able to pull my truck bed cover over them. So, my California math would say Mags would be mowing somewhere between 2.5 - 3 acres.

      4. I don’t bag anything. Mulch blades and cover on the rider during the summer (grass) and blow leaves into the woods (or bag the leaves with the push if I wait too long in the fall ... then dump in piles in the woods). My compost program (4 pallets and chicken wire) was torpedoed by a major buckthorn and ash removal project in the wooded part of our property and I haven’t resumed it up at the new garden site. Feels wrong to throw food debris in the trash, but I hate walking up a hill to the other side of our property, only to leave it in a pile on the ground am lazy on this point.

        RE: lawns - I’ll cop to the Hank Hill attitude. I like mine to look good also enjoy doing the work. Rake and over-seed, pull weeds, in-ground irrigation* (and fertilizer & herbicide) as necessary and this year I rented an aerator and did the whole yard (~1 acre of lawn).

        *installed by the previous owner, but I do run it as needed each year (and have it winterized).

    1. I mowed mine for the last time on Tuesday afternoon, mulching a ton of leaves from the mature trees ringing our back yard. It’s a good thing I did it then — we have an inch or two of snow now.

    2. Last year my final mow was December 1. I'm hoping to not have to push it that late to get the leaves this time. We had a big storm last week that blew off a lot of leaves.

      1. Our purple ash and Yoshino cherry drop leaves early; the red maple later -- unfortunately the neighbor's Bradford pears and oak hold theirs until the wind shifts from the north, to get the maximum leafe droppage over the fence into my back yard. It looks like what hit overnight was one of the tall trees from the common ground behind us.

    1. This is going to end badly.

      My hope for a new agreement is for service time to start as soon as the player is drafted or signed. I want the best players in the majors as soon as possible.

      1. Well, we'll see. As the article points out, the statement can be taken a few different ways. It won't help in the negotiation of the next collective bargaining agreement, though.

      2. I’ve had it with club control. Max contract length of 3 years plus an option year, for all players, and enact a hard salary cap.

    1. It is the second time a Twins catcher has won a SS , and the second for a Twins DH

      Quick trivia: How many SS did Joe Mauer win and who was the other DH to win?

      Spoiler SelectShow

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