17 thoughts on “November 10, 2019: Quack Quack Quack”

  1. By my reckoning, if Gophers win 2 of next three (with one game against very bad Northwestern). They are in the Rose Bowl. I’m assuming they lose to OSU in B1G Championship.

    Also Guided by Voices playing a 100! song NYE set in L.A. So when Gophs get to Rose Bowl I’m going g to both. #winning.

    1. That's assuming Ohio St. beats Penn St. If Penn St. beats Ohio St. and goes to the B1G championship game and beats the Gophers, PSU might not get into the playoffs and could leave the Gophers out of the Rose Bowl. Also, the Gophers could lose the next 2 games and still win the division as long as they beat Wisconsin. Obviously, the Gophers should steamroll Northwestern, and I'm not sure the Rose Bowl is obligated to take the loser of the championship game if the winner goes to the playoffs. If the Gophers have 2 losses (and especially 3) and Ohio St. has only 1 loss, it's not hard to see them selecting Ohio St. over the Gophers.

      1. The whole premise is the Gophers win 2 oF these last three. Regardless if they play PSU or OSU, they will go to Rose Bowl.

  2. Its very rare that the Vikings coverage takes a back seat to Gophers football, but today is one of those days.

  3. I was with my mom of all people yesterday. She did keep asking about the NDSU score, but what an experience at TCF.

  4. Gophers up to 7 in the polls. Last time that happened Tony Oliva was getting a cup of coffee in the majors (1962).

  5. Yesterday's second victory: the jalapeño was exhausted after spending that many hours outdoors on his feet and cheering (apparently they hardly sat down at all), so he was asleep by 8:45 pm. I have mixed feelings about his enjoyment of football, but I can't help but appreciate anything that wears the kid out!

  6. Wolves had no business getting to overtime (down 16 with about 4 minutes left) but Jokic hit a nifty shot to win it. Wolves missed about 482 three pointers

    1. Actually a pretty good story. He is one of us! (from Duluth) Went to DII Augustana in Sioux Falls. Went undrafted, spent a year on the practice squad transitioned from RB to FB and has been solid.

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