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As I'm sure many of you know, our kids certainly have the advantage when it comes to choices of media consumption. Back in my day, we had a VCR, but content was limited to whatever tapes we had in the house. The boy can watch something new he's never seen every hour of day while I watched Beetlejuice to the point that I could quote every line in the movie with perfect inflection and timing.

What movies/TV shows did you watch to a brain burning amount only because there was nothing else to watch?

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    1. Watched Rescue Rangers with Newbish today. He quite enjoyed it. I enjoyed watching something traditionally animated. I'd say it actually holds up pretty well (well, aside from some messed up, racist caricatures in one of the episodes)

  1. After I realized that I'd read the show's premise (Richard Morgan's Altered Carbon) I watched the Netflix series. I was entertained, and while not blown away by the storyline (and its changes) the Fx were decent.

  2. I wore out our tape of Oliver! The 1987 Twins highlight movie. Bad News Bears 1 & 2. And yeah way too much Growing Pains.

  3. I've been watching Country lately. It's amazing to think that Kris, Willie, and Waylon were all struggling for so long. I just assumed they were born stars!

  4. 1992 Sports Illustrated's The Year in Sports, The Flight of the Dragons, Some Donald Duck cartoons, Disney's Robin Hood (but not the first 8 minutes), and I'm pretty sure that Flight of the Navigator was the Fox Saturday afternoon movie, like, once a month.

  5. My mom bought a VHS tape at a garage sale that had all three Star Wars movies dubbed onto it. The quality on the tape was bad, and they had left a whole bunch of the advertisements at the beginning of the first movie, and therefore did not have the last five minutes of the last movie.

    My brother and I probably watched that tape two hundred times.

  6. Anyone watching the Watchmen? (heh). Thoughts? Also, HBO doing a podcast, similar to what they did with Chernobyl, which was quite helpful.

    Anyone interested that the final season of Man in the High Castle drops tomorrow?

    1. I started The Man in the High Castle, gave up after a couple of episodes and re-visited last year and caught up on all three seasons. It's compelling but not great. Looking forward to seeing how they wrap it all up.

      Watchmen is great. Definitely helps if you have read the graphic novel as it takes place in the same universe, about 30 years or so after that book's events. There is also an on-line companion too that fills in on what has happened over the last 30 years. It probably stands on it's own too if you aren't familiar with the story, also lots of Easter Eggs for fan of the source material.

      1. I’d read the original years ago but took advantage of a ‘buy 2 get 1 free’ deal on media from Target (Sturgill’s new one and Prince’s Piano and a Microphone 1983) and bought the Deluxe Edition in hard cover. It’s almost more grim now that I’ve experienced an additional 12 years of adulthood.
        Wife and I are watching together ... she has no interest in reading the original, but lots of questions about this show that I don’t have answers for (and which I don’t believe have anything to do with the original).

  7. We watched a lot of All Star Wrestling. They were sanctioned by the A.W.A. (will never forget that). Every week. All 5 of us boys. Then we would reenact the matches. When I was in high school they came and wrestled in our gym. I will never forget seeing the Crusher and Mad Dog Vachon sitting in our locker room drinking a beer before their match.

    Otherwise, Gilligan's Island, Fantasy Island, Eight is Enough, Happy Days, Brady Bunch, Mash. My Mom watched General Hospital and we had one TV, so I got hooked on that at an early age.

    1. All Star Wrestling came to our high school too. Wahoo McDonald got cut and bled on the floor a bit. Of course I dipped my finger in the blood and showed my dad and younger brother.

    2. This is definitely a thing. I am revolting against the streaming wars and have reverted to Netflix DVD service only. There is more content than I could possibly watch, and now that I have kids, there's never a time where I can really binge anything anyway. Game of Thrones is the only show in recent memory where I was both interested in the show and was at any kind of risk for spoilers.

  8. I should mention that us adults also have advantages of infinite content. There are drawbacks though. I can't tell you how often I have come home from work and spent 30 minutes surfing content from NetFlix and Hulu. Always feel like something better will jump out at me, so it is a time drain for sure. That would be the biggest drawback for me.

    1. This for me too. I finally just commit to something that seems alright and then grumble when it ain’t.

  9. Righteous Gemstones ended the season on a high note. That show gave a lot more than I was expecting.

    Started watching The Deuce again (beginning of second season). I like the show, but I don't like its main character for reasons outside the show, and there's two of him.

    I've liked the current season of The Good Place. In unpredictable but predictable fashion, they just used their season finale plot in the middle of the season. I will predict though that this show will also go out on a high note.

    1. The Good Place S4 SelectShow
  10. Fawlty Towers, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Blues Brothers, The Andy Griffith Show, Kung Fu. Raiders of the Lost Ark, Batman (1989), Batman (ABC show), Dick Tracy, Dragnet, I Love Lucy, & The Beverly Hillbillies

    1. Fawlty Towers... I forgot about that one. That show just slayed me when I was a teenager. I will have to try to binge watch that sometime soon. Cleese at his very best.

      1. There was a thread awhile back about lines we use out of context. I will occasionally drop a "Don't mention the war" into a conversation

  11. We visited my grandparents in Nebraska a lot. I am the youngest child of youngest children, so it was a little hard for me to connect with the grands. I hid away to read or watch TV.

    This may come as a shock, but I watched a lot of Star Trek TOS reruns....

  12. The oldest got Disney Plus and now the three of us have access. Since the only Avengers film I've seen is Infinity War, I can go back and watch them in order I guess. Also watched The Mandalorian.

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      1. I cut Infinity War and Endgame together. I also actually made the post-credit scene from Ragnarok the opening scene in that.

    1. I also watched the Mandalorian. I was mostly pleased. I think I like the idea of them telling this story in the western genre. It's really the only genre that's going to allow some of the character limitations of the main character (inability to show his face or much emotion) to not be grating. I'm looking forward to the way that it seems like it's going to flesh out the universe a bit, too.

      1. Are they going with Lucas's stupid retconning Boba Fett as the cloned son of the clone template? I hated that. Why screw up the backstory of a character well-known in the extended universe books? Why waste the extended universe? (Give me Thrawn, damnit!)

      1. I saw "Burden of Dreams" recently, loved it.

        "If I abandon this project, I would be a man without dreams and I don't want to live like that. I live my life or I end my life, with this project."

    2. We got it as well. Looking through their library, I would be willing to watch a lot higher percentage of it than Netflix (which we no longer have) or Hulu (which we do have to watch current seasons of shows on-demand). I think I was most excited to see the have The Journey of Natty Gann and Willow, which are 2 movies I watched a ton as a kid (I think on VHS) and haven't seen on streaming services before today. Probably can see them on Amazon Prime but would have to rent them.

    3. Episode three is the best yet. I'm really enjoying the "Star Wars, as a Western" tone, and episode three absolutely lays it on.

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