21 thoughts on “November 13, 2019: Rocco’s Modern Manager Of The Year Award”

  1. At least the Twins beat the Yankmes at something. Well-deserved; I hope we get to enjoy Rocco‘s number retirement ceremony someday, because that suggests a pretty successful tenure. He certainly seems like he has it in him.

  2. I'm assuming everyone else also watched the big hearing today at work (the Minnesota Supreme Court's oral argument about the efforts to prevent the DNR from changing the official name to Bde Maka Ska)

      1. Chief Justice Gildea and Justice Anderson seem to likely side with the plaintiffs challenging the name change. Justice McKeig definitely is with the commissioner. The other four were harder to read. Justice Lillehaug asked a lot of questions really trying to parse out the statutes.

    1. I won't provide the link, since it is behind a paywall, but Dan Hayes' story in The Athletic about these extensions makes me feel pretty good about them sticking around for a while. Grant it, most people will say nice things about the organization and the community they work in, but Falvey goes out of his way to gush about Minnesota and the Twins organization as a whole. Class act.

    1. I want it to happen so much at this point because it would be nice for the guy and it would validate my thinking that Thibs was just an awful coach for any of the younger players, and Thibs+Butler likely made it especially toxic. That’s the story I want to believe at least.

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