19 thoughts on “November 15, 2019: The Long Journey Home”

    1. Sorry about that, Citizens. Thought it would perk up our drizzly vacation. As it turns out, we took in The Old Exchange in the morning, and then when the rain moderated, we hustled "home" and drove to the USS Yorktown where we practically had it to ourselves for the last three hours before it closed and the drizzle started up again. Really could have used another three hours for the other stuff there at Patriot's Point, and looks like we're going to be foregoing Ft Sumter as the rains really pick up tomorrow.

    1. That works out to $3.64 for a sixer.

      I gotta wonder about the structural integrity of the box they come in.

      Watching them load it into the back of someone's minivan or SUV... wonder if they've got tie-down twine and red pieces of plastic available?

  1. Sounds like MLB is going to interview the exec that got fired by the Astros during the World Series because of his comments aimed at female reporters. MLB will be asking him about the sign-stealing allegations.

  2. It kind of slipped through the cracks in the sports world because of the NFL thing last night, but Portland signed Carmelo Anthony. I wonder how this is going to work with Damian Lillard since there can only be one basketball on the court at one time.

    1. RE: That NFL thing last night. When Cleveland beats the Steelers, that’s a BFD for Browns fans. I didn’t even get to enjoy a rare win over the archest of rivals because of this stupidity.

  3. So Guy Fieri. I turn on DDD tonight cuz even though I despise him, I am often inspired by the places he features (and no instapots). Tonight, he features his own restaurant in Cancun. How stupid and self serving. Wth??

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