November 18, 2019: Meaty

On trip for work and went to a very nice restaurant. Even though I only got an 8oz filet, I could just barely finish the thing (and only did because I wasn’t paying for it). I’m just not used to hot beef injections of that purity.

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  1. Having your team’s cheating system captured on your world championship commemorative video might be one of the greatest self-owns in sports history.

    Having your cheating signals identified by acoustic signature, then analyzed for accuracy across several games, might be the most satisfying, given the franchise at the center of the scandal.

  2. A sadder version of Truck Time with Twayn Mags:

    So I tried to put new tie rod ends on my car on Saturday. First one went alright - normal problems with things being rusted to hell under there, but essentially problem free.
    My passenger side though – woof.

    I literally (1) couldn’t even get the tire off to do it. Two lug nuts came off eventually. The other two are on there so hard I bent my tire iron and broke my breaker bar. So I went into town and went to ACE to borrow their impact wrench. One lug nut broke, and the other is now completely rounded off.

    So I guess the shop’s doing the other tie rod end, and probably a lug replacement or two. I’m pretty sure I’m down to "It can be stuck if it’s liquid" as my removal options, and my tiny ass blowtorch didn’t do a thing.

    1. That stinks. I remember breaking a breaker bar working on one of the many rusted-out Volvo 240s we cycled through, though I don’t remember what repair broke it. I do remember Pa switching to using the 6’ aluminum pole for the retractable clothesline as a breaker bar after that. Worked like a charm.

      1. I broke my bar thanks to putting a cheater on it (ps - old bike handlebars work great for this).

        Snapped it where the square driver thingy goes into the socket.

    2. Been there, although it was my fault from doing something stupid. PSA: Its ok to remove lug nuts with an impact driver but not a good idea to put them back on with one.

  3. The Elizabethon Twins are among the 42 teams MLB has targeted for severing affiliation agreements and regulating to a “Dream League” as part of its plan to overhaul the minor leagues:

    “You have communities that are threatened in this process,” O’Conner, the president of minor league baseball, said. “This is the social function. This is the communal centerpiece.”

    One example: Officials in Elizabethton, Tenn., population 14,000, faced a choice a couple of years ago. They could either renovate the police station or meet a condition of the Minnesota Twins: to spend more than $1 million modernizing the clubhouse at the city-owned ballpark, home to its beloved minor league affiliate.

    They deferred the police station renovation, and now the Elizabethton Twins have a huge locker room, an upgraded kitchen, a training room, and space to relax and study game video.

    [”Across the Country, Minor League Towns Face Major League Threat” | New York Times]

    Elizabethton has been a Twins affiliate since 1974. Ray Smith, who played with the Twins from ‘81–‘83, has been with Elizabethton since 1987, managing the team every season since then except ‘95–‘01, when he was a coach.

  4. HOF ballot is out. Jeter probably the only first ballot player to be voted in this year. I'm guessing Bobby Abreu will be the big debate guy with many thinking he clearly should be in and many thinking he should clearly not be in.

    1. I am fully expecting a bunch of voters to only mark Jetes on their ballots because they want him to have the honor of going in solo.

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