17 thoughts on “November 19, 2019: Kit Kat”

  1. I do not desire to start a forbidden zone debate, but I just think it is sad that yesterday I read about the Fresno shootings on Twitter in the morning. By the evening when I got home and had time to read (or watch) the news, the cycle had already turned over to the Oklahoma shootings. Couple that with my own son's near brush with mortality on Saturday night, it has me thinking "WTF is wrong with people!" I don't know what the answer is, and am not looking to start a discussion. Just thought I would drop this here so we all think a little bit about it. What frustrates me the most right now is that a week like this feels normal... which is so disturbing.

    1. In the also disturbing vein, a few months ago I thought I might buy an air rifle and was shopping around. Ever since, my Facebook feed has been inundated with ads for real firearms, body armor, tactical gear of all kinds, and the NRA. I’m not sure what sells better these days, sex or fear.

  2. Jonathan Cheshire struck out the only man he faced as Escogido lost to the Toros 8-0 yesterday. He is 2-0, 1.23, 0.55 WHIP with 8 strikeouts and 2 walks in 7.1 innings (12 games). Escogido is 17-12, in second place in the Dominican League, one game behind the Toros.

    1. I listened to her Burn Your Fire For No Witness album again the other night, and the progression continues to blow my mind.

      "Lark" and "All Mirrors" in particular are just so....huge sounding, that it seems like a completely different artist (both albums still being good (Burn Your Fire...) to great (the new one).

  3. KAT staring daggers after nailing this three

    1. That's a lot of constituents in moderate-sized towns, vs Baseball Billionaires...seems like an easy side to take.

      1. Don't ever forget the Commissioner works for the owners, not the players or fans. And it wouldn't be the first time a bunch of billionaires crashed a product for high short-term gain over lower, steadier long-term ones.

    2. I am curious if this is all a negotiation device. There have been rumblings for years that minor league players are working sweat shop hours and most of them get paid dang near nothing when you calculate an hourly wage. The owners threaten to reduce the number of minor league affiliates (as they want to protect their horde of wealth). Are they hoping the rumblings of underpaying their minor league players will go away if they agree to keep the system as is?

  4. Gophers now 10th in the college football playoff rankings, which is actually 1 spot ahead of AP poll. Still 2 spots behind Penn State, which lost to the Gophers less than 2 weeks ago and has the same record.

    1. Ranking Penn State higher than Minnesota seems wrong, but it will all be sorted out over the next two weeks anyway. If Penn State beats Ohio State this week they will deserve the higher ranking, if they lose to the Buckeyes they will likely drop.

      And if the Gophers win out, they’ll be in the playoffs no matter what they are ranked right now. Not that I think there’s much chance of that actually happening, but if it does, they are in.

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