23 thoughts on “November 20, 2019: Sure, Jan”

  1. We have another player to follow in winter ball! Randy LeBlanc is playing for Mayaguez in Puerto Rico. His teammates include ex-Twins Danny Ortiz and Kennys Vargas.

    Yesterday, Mayaguez lost to Carolina 2-0. LeBlanc started and pitched 2.2 innings, giving up one run on two hits and two walks and striking out two.

  2. It seems likely the Astros will be made an example for the rest of MLB. My dislike for Manfred is pretty strong, but I’m not as...uh...stridently confident as Calcaterra that Houston will be the only team punished. I’d hope there would be a fair amount of scrutiny of Beltrán & Cora’s post-Astros activities, both by MLB and the press. So far as I know, everything that has come to light thus far has come through the press or players themselves.

    It could be there’s desire for a comprehensive pile-on the Astros — they’ve certainly managed to antagonize the league, opposing players, and particularly the press — but Manfred would have to be both arrogant and stupid to think what happened with Seligula & PEDs wouldn’t happen again, particularly if he starts handing out lifetime bans for executives, coaches, and/or players. He’s shown himself to be pretty arrogant, though, so I guess we’ll see.

    1. Kind of an odd Minneapolis-St. Paul city outline there on the waistband.
      ...in that it's not exactly a familiar or iconic shape. Surprised to see it.

        1. That thread you linked to inspired me to dig this up:

          My quick and dirty attempt a while back to make a new state flag.

  3. Twins add five new players to 40-man.

    1. The Twins got Chalmers from the Rodney trade, Duran from the Escobar trade, Celestino from the Pressley trade, and Raley from the Dozier trade. Meanwhile, the player the Twins originally wanted from the Dodgers for Dozier, José De León, was traded to the Reds for cash and PTBNL.

  4. One of my employees lost two close family members in the Fresno shooting last Sunday.

    He cried in my office today. I cried after he left.

    This world just sucks sometimes

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